Thank you so much to the-angel-and-his-trench-coat for tagging me! uwu

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My answers:

Favorite angel from Supernatural? Ugh I was about to write Castiel but then I remembered- *cries* Well, the only angel left technically is Michael, Lucifer and Metatron so I don’t know, haha

Favorite quote in spn? Oh gosh, probably “Family don’t end with blood." 

Favorite villain out of anything?

What are your top OTPs? Destiel, Murther, Johnlock (more like a Brotp), Casket, and more uwu

Who is your favorite actor? I have lots of favourite actors! I really love Tom Hiddleston, RDJ and Benedict Cumberbatch. But there are many other amazing actors too. :3

GIF that describes what you’re feeling right now? 

Favorite hero out of anything? Oh, gosh that’s really hard! Probably Tony Stark/Iron Man, because he doesn’t have any extraterrestrial or magic powers. He created what he uses to do good by himself, using his intellect. What he does is not impossible for others to achieve and it’s really inspiring to me. Also, in the third movie, he does all that with anxiety issues. I also have anxiety issues so he is really inspiring to me. And his personality… uwu

Favorite dessert? Either pie or Black Forest Cake c: Yummm

Favorite gif?
 Oh, I don’t know, I love this gif, ehehe

or these ones: 

Favorite Supernatural episode?  Um some of my favourites are Bad Day at Black Rock, Changing Channels, The French Mistake and Mystery Spot. c:

What show are you currently obsessed with?
 I’m currently obsessed with lots of shows! Sherlock, Supernatural, Star Trek and Doctor Who for the most part.

New Questions! :D

Have you ever Cosplayed? As what?
Do you usually blog from mobile or a computer?
What are some gifs you like?
Who are some people who inspire you?
What is your favourite book?
What is your favourite movie?
Favourite show?
What genre of music do you listen to the most?
OTP’s (or brotps)?
Favourite Marvel movie?
Eye colour? 

Thanks again! c: