Tómate esta botella conmigo en el último trago nos vamos, quiero ver a qué sabe tu olvido sin poner en mis ojos tus manos. Esta noche no voy a rogarte, Esta noche te vas que de veras, que difícil trata de olvidarte y que sienta que ya no me quieras. Nada me han enseñado los años siempre caigo en los mismos errores, otra vez a brindar con extraños y a llorar por los mismos dolores..

It’s okay- The sunglows

...and this is why I don't tell anyone what's going on with me...

A friend invited me out to eat and we started talking about our problems. So I needed to vent out and told her how I still miss him and blah blah blah. And she say.. “Why are you still trippin off about him, you guys weren’t even together that long”.
Really, really? Yes I know we weren’t together that long.“ ” you should of been iver him the minute he left you, You’re so pathetic still tripping over a little break up". But she doesn’t even know what actually happened. She doesn’t know the whole pregnancy, or how he was my first, or how I was just a hit it and quit it, how I’m so fucking insecure now because of what he did. Yeah, we were together for a year. Not that long. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be sad about this. This is why I hate not being able to talk to anyone. Because they’re so fucking quick to jump on shit. Can’t tell friends, can’t tell my family, can’t tell him, can’t tell anyone. Even though in his words “I promise I’ll be there” Yeah fucking right. I guess I really am alone in this shit. And I have to get through it alone. It’s just so fucking hard.