The video for “Testify” is one of the more creative videos we’ve seen in a bit. Justice & Kaos present their version of what would be quite an interesting day at the office, to say the least.  The hook is there, you should be too.

PS - Hang around ‘til the ending…

Justice & Kaos - “Testify”

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“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” If Good Old War has a band mantra, we imagine it goes something like that. Their new single, “Calling Me Names”, premieres on MTVu and gives listeners exactly what they’d expect from the indie-acoustic trio: soft harmonies, catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The video is shot as if we’re sitting in the car with them for most of the ride. I love the grain-y and dull shots used to capture the vibe of times, decades ago. 

Bombs & Bottles released “When The Lights Go Out” at the beginning of the month and are giving it up for free download on their SoundCloud page. The dramatic difference in intensity between the verse and chorus is really dope. Verses are mostly soothing and chill, but crescendo into a chorus that drops like a fly…if flies were into dub-step, that is.

When The Lights Go Out by Bombs and Bottles