She’s fairly sure that she’s having a bridget jones moment. After all what else could explain the bright red her face was quickly turning and the vibrator sitting in the young man’s lap. Generally Valeria was unflappable–but now she was stuck staring at the brightly coloured lipstick vibrator (still in packaging of course, because shopping for sex toys in the airport had seemed like such an amazing idea) with her mouth open. “I— It’s mine. There’s no other logical conclusion I could mould into a lie– it– the vibrators definitely mine I just–” She doesn’t finish her sentence before another one falls out of her suitcase followed by a book on microbiology that slides onto the ground. “…They were having a sale– and it’s a perfectly normal thing for a woman to do. You know–sexually? Oh– bullocks. I should just find you another seat partener. Just let me get that uh– off your lap.” 


Marcus blinked slowly, a smile creeping it’s way across his face. “Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything. I mean my parents have been asking about you constantly. Wondering when you would come visit. You know my mother is going to smother you, right? And dad’ll be the inquisition as always.” He laughed softly and rubbed the back of his neck, ducking his head and looking up at her. “But I would love it if you came.”

“No! I want to go! I mean, I usually spend it alone so this would be great.” Violet said honestly. “I really want to meet your parents! I mean, you know my whole family, aka me and my dog.” She laughed gently. She then threw her arms around his waist, hugging him tight.


“It’s very cute that you think you can do that, little one.” Vincent chuckled as he went to get the collar and leash. “It’s a pity you wont submit already, but you will eventually. I will make you love me. I will sire you to me.” The man promised, eyes flashing that dark yellow. “Now come here.” He slid the lock to open the door.


Marcus groaned and rolled over in bed as his ringtone for Violet interrupted his sleep. He grabbed the offending object and answered. “Vi? Vi what is it? It’s two in the morning, is everything okay? Or can you just not sleep?”

“Marcus. Marcus.” Violet cried into the phone. “I just woke up in the middle of the woods. The-There’s blood. Marcus there’s blood.” She was practically bawling now. The girl was pacing around the woods. Her shirt was ripped, so was her shorts. Her skin was bloodied and so was her hair. She was a mess.

Stalker ll Violet&Knox

Violet was walking home, feeling the same gaze on her ass that she had all week. It was really starting to bother her. Some guy had been tailing her, some creepy loser or something and he was starting to get too close for comfort. She turned, giving him a glare as he tried to hide from her. 

It was a real hindrance that her motorcycle was in the shop because it just allowed him to get closer. Turning on her street she picked up her pace but he was only a few steps behind her now. She couldn’t go her house, he might get in. 

She no longer had to worry about him getting in, because suddenly he had grabbed her upper arm. Violet gasped, spinning on the man as he smirked at her. “Let go you creep!” She yelped, looking around widely for help. Her gaze landed on her neighbors house behind them, the lights were on. “Knox!” She yelled, calling for him. She hoped he come to save her, they had never talked much, but he seemed like a good guy. 

“Knox?” Violet’s voice came out kind of questioning. He had asked her to come over, saying he had something to tell her, to show her. The girl figured this would be a good time to tell him about her, what she was. It was only right of her. She was really starting to fall for Knox. 

“Hey. What is it you wanted to show me?”

Unfair Fight


“Darling, come on. Don’t do this to me.” The vampire pleaded, though keeping his distance from his boyfriend and all his silver. “I’m sorry, truly. Don’t punish me like this.” It wasn’t like Vincent to beg for something, but Leo changed him a little, made him a bit softer around the edges. “Come on, don’t be a child.”

naturebends based on this

“Seriously– this is a foolish way to decide whether or not you should leave me alone–” 
Valeria is pouting as she struggles beneath him, her curly mop of hair is a tangled mess against his bed, and her cheeks are pink from exertion. She giggles as his fingers tickle her, and arches her back slightly as his fingers dance along her skin. 
“Seriously– we are adults– if I want to sit inside and learn I should damn well–” Her speech is interrupted by another torrent of giggles as she looks up into his familiar gaze. She is so serious– so determinedly serious that their friendship is difficult for most to understand. She is Valeria Foli– Dr. Valeria Foli as of Monday. 
“When I win I’m going to kill you– I’m going to kill you and no one will ever know it was murder– and then I will be left to do research in peace–God it will be heaven. Rapturous delight–” 


she doesn’t know how it happened– how she ended up underneath him– how she woke up the next morning with a horrible headache and hickies on her neck. She isn’t this girl. It’s why she snuck out, clutching what was left of her sanity, and ran back into the lab. There was work to do– there was always so much work to do, and there was no time to think about him, his mouth– the way her name felt on the tip of his tongue. There was no time to let her fragmented memories distract her. She is walking into the store when she sees him again– though she doesn’t see him as much as she walks straight into him, sending her flying back onto her bum. She looks up with wide brown eyes and parted lips. Her face is 2 parts surprise and one part embarrassment.
“Uh– Hey… Hi– terribly sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going–I–” She looks around and realises she’s the only one here. The only one on duty. “If you need help I can…give it to you just let me put my things away– uh–” 
She is rambling and she knows its because of her nerves but she can’t help herself. She’s never done this before. She doesn’t know the protocol.