Hi, my name is Millie and I’m an #actuallivingscientist studying how dopamine neurons in the brain respond to different types of stressors, and how these responses may differ between sexes. 
Upper right: hand- pulled glass recording electrode 
Lower right: Plate of brain area (VTA) where I find dopamine neurons to record from. #neuroscience #outreach #scicomm #femalescientist #womeninscience #academia #electrophysiology #researcher #STEM


Some very rare photos of the infamous Penske/Donohue 1969 Sonoco Camaro prepped for the Trans Am Series at Mid-Ohio. Note the holes in the wheel wells which were part of a duct system to relieve front end lift at 170 mph. Going to have to do a bit of research on those! I can’t imagine driving on bias plys that fast. Serious balls! Note the Vinyl roof to cover up the acid dipped roofs to reduce weight. These cars had some serious research and development in them. I am so fascinated by the vintage trans am series. If NASCAR ran these cars I might actually watch! I love these cars so much I have been in the processing of building my own Z-28 into a VTA ‘street’ car for 7 years now. Just with a bit more displacement ;)

Merry Xmas!

Tan Jiaxin Video Chat with Fans

Shang Chunsong’s curly hair are not done by salons. 

Shang Chunsong will compete in Tokyo 2020. <3<3  

 Tan Jiaxin will keep training the Amarnar.                                        


1.       FX

a)       Has been training the quadruple spin, but the successful rate not so        good.

b)       Trained the 3.5 twist, but failed to add it into her routine.

c)        Will not do half in half out due to injured history on this skill.

d)       Used to feel double tuck easier, now feels double pike easier

2.       UB—learnt the clear hip skills in Hunan provincial team. Clear hip Shapo not so good so learnt Maloney in the end.

3.       VT

a)       the second vault is double twisting Tsuk, 6.0 value, but not has much attention put on this vault( So Jiaxin’s potential vaults would be 6.3+6.0)

b)       Is training the Amarnar now and will keep training it in future.

4.       BB—has performed some basic skills such as front tuck, spin on one leg, BHS-back tuck. Used to have BHS-BHS-layout.

5.       Injuries—shoulders, knees, ankles and wrists. Most serious injuries were on the shoulders, so giving up healy-Ling-Jaeger(not so clear here) and did Ling-Ling half-Tkatchev instead.

6.       The WAG and MAG Rio teams will train in the intensive camp in Tianjin from June 1st through June 25th.

7.       Chinese Olympic teams will leave for Rio on July 12th.

8.       Daily gym hour: 8:30—12:00, 15:00—17:00/18:00. The full-day session begins at 8:30, half-day at 14:30.

9.       Will retire after the National Game of 2017, at most until World Championship 2017.

10.    Selected to the national team very late( at the end of 2012 when she was 16) because can only do very few skills then.

11.    “It is because the coaches taught well that I progressed fast”

12.    Giving up beam because she has awful acro feelings on beams and injured her ankles easily.


1.       Will retire after the National Game of 2017, at most as late as World Championship 2017.

2.       Will go back to Hunan provincial team after Rio.

3.       “I am ambivalent about retirement. Want to and not want to. I don’t want to leave the large family (coaches and teammates) but I am afraid my injuries would get more severe and prevent me from training in future.”

4.       Disappointed at not making the Rio team. Jiaxin ascribed her failure to make the team to not being excellent enough herself and not as strong as others.

5.       “Confidence and great temperament in competitions? Haha,actually I am quite nervous, super nervous inside”, replying to fan’s comments on her composure in competitions.

6.       FX—twisted her ankle seriously one week before 2014 Chinese National when training half in half out. Will not do this skill any longer.( reminded me of Shang getting serious ankle injury in Chinese National 2010 AA Final doing double Arabian, what a sad story for Songsong and Jiaxin.)

7.       VT—May not perform Amanar in Rio or 2017 Chinese National Game, concerned about failure and score. May not perform the second vault as well.

8.       UB—Will not do the Ray dismount any longer. Has hit her head twice on this move (scars still seeable on her forehead)

9.       Does the make-up herself during competetions

10.    BB—Has performed beam back in 2012. Did not fall but sat the dismount in her first completion.

11.    Shang Chunsong

a)       Has confidence in Chunsong for winning the beam gold in Rio

b)       Shang will not retire until Coach Xiong retires after Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Chunsong wants to accompany Coach Xiong till the end of his career. “ I will go to Tokyo to watch and root for her”

c)        Jiaxin thinks Chunsong’s problem with vault is not being able to giving out powers. “I can do the vault for Shang. Let her do the beam for me.”

d)       “If Shang and I can become one person, this new gymnast will be unbeatable.”(hahaha)

12.    Leos are selected by coaches.


1.       The Xiong group do not control weight of athletes.

2.       Coach Xiong is strict with girls in training, but is loving and caring in life. “ Coach Xiong is strict, but is nice as well.””Coach Xiong is nice. I like him.” (Coach Xiong’s students Deng linlin, Jiang Yuyuan, Shang Chunsong, Tan Jiaxin and Wujing all respect and have strong connection with him)

3.       “Coach Xiong comes with sense of humor.”—Wu Jing

4.       Nickname given by Coach Xiong is “fish head Tan”,谭鱼头,for pouting a lot when being upset and moving head first when twisting. Coach Xiong hardly calls her nickname now.

5.       Favorite gymnast is Komova. Also likes Larisa Iordache. “ I like all foreign gymnasts,都喜欢”

6.       Live in the same apartment with Shang Chunsong, Wu Jing, Liu Jinru and Coach Zhang. Share room with two 2000 babies Jinru and Jing.

7.       The Xiong Group live on the fifth floor, The Wang Group on the sixth floor, Coach Xiong on the seventh floor.

8.       Likes the color of blue.

9.       Likes Japanese maga series One Piece a lot.

10.    Likes traveling and photographing, but does not have time for these hobbies.

11.    Has not applied for college yet, but does not plan to study communications. May take her roommate Wuhan local Wu Jing’s recommendation to go to Wuhan University.

12.    Fans asked whether Jiaxin will have the ponytail in future competions for they like how she looks in ponytail. Jiaxin said her hair is too long for tail and she cherishes her long hair too much to cut it short.

13.    Shang Chunsong:

a)       Has known and grown up with Shang Chunsong for 10 years. Strong connection with Chunsong.

b)       Good at dressing and doing making up.

c)        Hair is naturally curly, not by Salon.

d)       “Shang’s natural-curl is like the instant noodle after showers.”

14.    No boyfriend yet, has “girlfriends” Bai Yawen and Chen Siyi(Bai was flirting with Jiaxin in the live chats, saying she is the T, LOL. Wu Jing said “ I am sister Xin’s elder daughter.”)

Watch the video chats here

Not many contents in part 1 and 2. The cute voice in 4:36 of Part 1 is from Chunsong. Part 2 has the shy Chunsong as well, saying “Wow, my finger is in the camera,no!””Okay, let me just show my face a little bit, just a little bit.”  

Part 3&4&5 have the playful and naughty Wu Jing and Liu Jinru.