vt station


Dave McGuire had one of my favorite exhibits at VCF East X.  He brought along his PDP-8/E, PDP-11/34, another PDP-11 (I forget which model), a VAX-8250, a handful of DEC terminals, and a few other things – Dave brought alot of stuff.

I’m pretty sure he was the largest power consumer at the event.  All kinds of fun stuff was set up for folks to play with at their leisure.  There were disk packs galore, a few floppy drives, some display-only paper tape readers, and a nice variety of terminals.

I spent a great deal of time playing with the PDP-8/E hooked into the VT-52 which was labeled as a “decscope” – it was massive!  I fired up BASIC and programmed a few little things to entertain myself (namely that pyramid looking graphic).  The Mandelbrot set was not my code.  I also keyed in a sine wave program that was on hand to see how it looked on screen.  

I also accidentally crashed the PDP-8/E by addressing a printer that wasn’t there while trying to list the contents of the directory I was in.  OS/8 on a PDP-8 is very foreign to me, and as intimidating as it was to have access to this system without really much knowledge of how to handle it, damn it was fun!  I wish I knew FORTRAN, or I would have played with that too.