vt bronze

If the Olympic team is Biles, Raisman, Douglas, Hernandez, and Kocian, The US would have:

- reigning world aa champion
- reigning olympic aa champion
- reigning world ub champion
- reigning world bb champion
- reigning world fx champion
- reigning olympic fx champion
- reigning world aa silver medalist
- reigning olympic bb bronze medalist
- reigning world vt bronze medalist

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Summary of Afan’s 2013-2016 quad so far:

Afan: wants to retire

Afan: persuaded not to retire

Afan in 2013: with dodgy ankle, nearly 2-per countries out Aliya at Euros for the AA, wins Euro FX gold, 

Afan in 2013: still with dodgy ankle, wins Universiade team gold, AA silver (doing UB for the first time in FOR.EVER.),  unveils the Afanar, wins VT gold over Paseka, wins FX gold

Afan in 2013: dodgy ankle becomes dodgier, goes for surgery

Afan in 2014: THE YEAR OF THE REALLY DODGY ANKLE, more surgery, another ankle injury, YET MORE ANKLE SURGERY

Everyone: thinks Afan will retire and never make it back

Afan in 2015: hahah… no. returns, THE RETURN OF THE AFANAR, wins Euros FX gold and VT bronze whuttt

Afan in late 2015: approx 30% alive, so over everything, KIDNEY STONES galore

Afan in late 2015: wins silver on FX at Worlds, still rolling her eyes

Vika: This silver is pretty cute actually. I’ll get the gold in AA finals and you get bronze in VT finals and then we can have a perfect collection!

Masha: Good idea!

Ksenia:  Psst, look at the American shoes!

Nastia: Okay, this didn’t go as planned but at least the flowers are pretty and I can’t see any bees. Wait, why am I thinking about bees?

Aliya: Fuck this. I’m going to see my name at the top of that score board during these games, whatever it takes. I didn’t go through all that trouble coming back for silver.