Published on Jun 25, 2013

Tired of popping pills whenever your menstrual cycle comes around? Or frustrated with muscle soreness post workout? Watch this video on how a jar of all-natural blackstrap molasses will help you!

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Blackstrap Molasses - House of Herbs http://astore.amazon.com/hefrhe-20/de…

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Hey Fran Hey’s blackstrap molasses video has been a lifesaver for me.  I take the molasses straight rather than putting it in tea.  I found taking the molasses about 3 days before my period starts relieves a lot of pain.  And there’s your TMI post of the day.

Who has been doing some MAJOR failage since spring?  I just watched the Chicago Sky-New York Liberty matinee game, and realized I’ve been spelling Elena Delle Donne as “Elena Della Donne” this whole time.  Me - the same person who rolls her eyes at people for spelling Brittney Griner’s first name “Brittany.”

Just corrected all my old posts and pins. EPIC FAIL.

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Since “black names” has been the topic du jour, please check out this brilliant analysis from Totally Biased.

Watch on iamvictoriaanne.tumblr.com

This commercial (with the end edited with a different date) has been flooding the airwaves as of late.  Here in Seattle, the mayoral primary election is coming up soon. Neither Nathan Adrian nor his abs can get me to vote before the last minute*; it will be a while to figure out which candidate I hate least.  

Actually, this could be said not just for Seattle mayor, but just about every candidate I’ve ever had to vote for.  They are all so turrrble…

*The State of Washington (and Oregon) has all mail-in voting.

Track & field just wrapped in Moscow (and my cable service dropped Universal Sports *waves angry fist in air*)

One of the final events was the women’s 4X100.  USA initially won bronze, but was awarded the silver after France was disqualified.

Triple jumper Will Claye photobombed (L-R) Alexandria Anderson, English Gardner, Octavious Freeman and Jeneba Tarmoh