• 12042014 | “It’s the 4th page of the Best Season we’ve been waiting for, December!”
  1. It was our Blockmate’s Birthday cake for she grew older last December 2, in which students from our class surprised her last saturday as an early celebration to her Legal Age.

  2. One of the wonderful attractions so far is the “Dancing Lights” mainly found at Ayala Triangle Gardens. This is a very jaw dropping show where in the christmas lights are syncronized with the Christmas Carols while hanging on the trees.

  3. #Drama, I am now happy for I have faced my shadows from behind without pulling my “what ifs” up. Life brings me more light after a catastrophic experience I’ve been to. (A dawn scene I captured while walking up stairs for my last subject last tuesday.

  4. “Wednesday Weezy weather.” This is my David Guison inspired tats. I captured it up cause I find it too awesome to stare at. Since I posted it on my IG account, I was very shocked and amazed when I found out that the blogger itself, David Guison liked this photo. He even left a comment there saying “Cool!” towards the picture. I was very happy that time! ☺