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A Sunday Photowalk - Part 1

Two weeks back, the first ‘real’ snow finally fell in Chicago. My friend Phil and I have been planning a photowalk for a while, and this was the best opportunity yet. I showed Phil the app VSCOcam a week prior, and since then he basically got into photography. (Albeit, mobile photography, but maybe some day it’ll evolve). 
The forest preserve in the Chicago suburbs are an awesome place to chill around, and especially take photos. Earlier, I posted of my friend Rocco and I at the forest preserve. Phil and I decided to go back to the same spot and explore the woods some more.

I may or may not have mentioned my infatuation with snow on this blog, but if I didn’t, I’ll mention it now. WINTER IS MY FAVORITE SEASON. I love snow. Everything is so much simpler, happier and prettier with snow.

With all the vibes the autumn/winter season brings with it, photography becomes so much more interesting for me. 

All images were processed in VSCO Film 02. Enjoy Part 1.