vsco cam app

anonymous asked:

I recently started following your studygram and I was wondering how you edit your pictures to make them look so good...

I don’t edit my photos too much since I’m not that concerned about my feed. I like natural/ mild editing better than bright white pics that could literally burn your retina xD

  • Setup: Keep it simple. Showcase what you’ve used in doing that work however you like.
  • Natural lighting: i usually take photos in the afternoon when the sunlight is prominent in the area where i usually take photos.
  • Clean background: i like to use my white bedsheets as a background since its not distracting.
  • Editing: as i mentioned earlier, i don’t like heavy editing so i stick to one app- vsco cam. I only adjust the exposure (approx +1) contrast (approx +1), sharpen (+6 to +8) and use a filter (HB1/ HB2/ SE3/ A6) depending upon the picture.