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My phone lock screen is a background shot from Steven Universe because I’m obsessed with the show and the pink hues make me happy. 
Home screen is of the boyfriend and I at our first trip to Disneyland. We’re actually looking down at a phone. I don’t know, just thought this candid moment was cute. 
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Last Polynesian club luau of my high school career. Boy am I gonna miss it. 
I would write some long spiel about how much this club has changed me, or how beautiful my ohana is, or how freaking thankful I am that I decided to join this club but in all honesty– there aren’t enough words for that. 
TL;DR: Thank you Polynesian Club for making the past four years of my high school life bearable and surprisingly enjoyable. Thank you 2013-2014 Diamond Year Ohana for your dedication that made this the best Senior Luau I could have imagined. MAHALO!


taemins–weave tagged me for 6 selfies of 2014 a haaaaaawt minute ago, but it was hard for me because I eventually end up deleting most of the ones I take because low self confidence //lol. Too lazy to tag anyone, and I also don’t know who has already been tagged so…EVERYONE IS TAGGED YAY.


So, I dyed my hair for the first time and I wanted it to be subtle. However, it’s one of those subtle colors that only shows up in certain sunlight. LOL. Therefore, I can’t take a proper picture of it. ): 

It’s supposed to be a dark-brown-auburn-burgundy-reddish thing..but honestly it just looks black so I’m basically just camerwhoring.