vs: warriors

These took me so long rip

Part 2 of my personal warrior cats design!!

Thank you for 40 followers!! And for all the likes and reblogs on my last design sheet!! It is my most successfull drawing ever now! ;u; <3

Please suggest more characters!

Feel free to use these designs, but please credit me!! I’d love to see your artwork uwu

DM me for flat version <3

Part one: https://laluchsy.tumblr.com/post/164478117784/my-personal-designs-for-these-characters-im

Well, time to go and disappear for 2 months again :’)


First time commissions!

I want to develop my skills and I have found a few art lessons I would like to buy. However they cost money and I’m broke. You can support me by commissioning me or reblogging this. I only have time for smaller commissions like these but hopefully you’re interested. :>

You can find more examples of my art at my tumblr page!

PRICE: 12,50€ - character with a solid background                                                                             (example pictures: the brown cat and the hedgehog^)

           + 2€ simple shading (example picture: the gray cat^)

           + 7€/additional character (I don’t charge for the shading)

I’m getting paid about 5 €/h so the prices should be fair.

We can discuss about the price if you want only half a body/ headshot/ line art.




Most felines (Cats are my strength as you can see)

Most canines

small predators

blood, scars

simple clothing like collars, scarfs etc


People or anthro

armor, complex clothing

any animal species with hooves

No experience with frogs, lizards and dragons




Rules and instructions:

Don’t commission me if you’re unable to pay.

I can refuse a commission if it’s too hard for me or it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I’d like to have a reference for an OC. However if the character is very simple I may be able to survive without.  Which brush I use for the lineart, A or B? Do you want a  specific pose or expression? You can also mention the gender of your character.

First I’ll do a sketch and send it to you. If you think it looks fine, I’ll get the payment and finish the drawing. If you spot a mistake in the finished piece, you can ask for changes, but only once. You can keep the sketch and can ask for the lineart. If you don’t want a solid background I can send the picture with transparent background. I do PayPal.

I need time. You’re probably not the only one commissioning me and I spend most of my daytime at school. It will take max 1-2 months to finish ALL the drawings depending on my schedule and the amount of the commissions.

I’ll take 3-5 commissions at first before I close. I will do an update on my page or delete this post once all slots are full.

Please ask if you have any questions.

CONTACT ME at vaisulaulu@gmail.com