vs: raptors


Great Horned Owl on Beach

The way this owl looks is how I feel right now.


She’s too cute! 

I’ve always thought it’d be cool if the hierarchy on Bogaton was determined by gladiatorial-like fights, no armour, no weapons, just good old fashioned talons ‘n teeth. The biggest and baddest get to be head of the Terra.

Repton makes his way to the top at a fairly young age; about fifty. [Keep in mind that Raptors live long lives]

He stays at the top of the male hierarchy for the rest of his life.

I say 'male’ hierarchy because the ladies are even larger and more aggressive than the blokes [This is generally the case with reptiles and amphibians] and the men don’t want a bar of it; they’re [usually] smart enough to step the fuck aside when a female’s around.

The women have their own power struggle goin’ on; they each occupy a set territory that they’ve claimed on the Terra, males are generally tolerated passing through as long as they don’t get too close to the nests where the ladies keep their eggs. [Because of the limited space on Bogaton it’s not unheard of for sisters or mothers and daughters to double-up in nesting sites; though relations can sometimes get a bit strained, as they’ve evolved to be aggressive to other females.]

Hatchlings have about a one in five hundred chance of being female, so thankfully Bogaton’s not bursting at the seams with aggro ladies.


The art’s not finished and the sketch didn’t turn out how I wanted.

Fuckin’ surprise.