vs: nuggets


Wholesome Week Day 7: AU OF CHOICE

AU of Bonbon the Birthday Clown where all characters are replaced with chicken nuggets/chicken strips

MUCH THANKS TO @wholesome-week for holding this event! This was a lot of fun and I felt that I was able to grow a bit more as an artist and so you guys have my thanks :D

I do admit that along the week, some of these entries got really–and I mean REALLY rushed–but it was fun nonetheless. This is my final submission for the week but I hope to keep drawing more SVTFOE content in the future :3


RED CHOCOBO NUGGETS HERE! Thank you all so much for welcoming Baby Nuggets on his birthday out on the convention floor! It was so great to see the reactions of so many people loving the chocobos! 

Kweh the Yellow Chocobo was just so excited to show everyone her new best friend, Nuggets.

If you have any photos of us, please let us know!!! Thank you all so much for the wonderful photos!

- Baby Nuggets
Chocobos belong to the Final Fantasy Universe by Square Enix.