Pictured above is the gold medalist Heinz Pollay, riding Kronos in the 1936 Olympic dressage competition. Silver medalist is the Friedrich Gerdhard with Absinthe, and the bronze medalist is the well known Alois Podhajsky with Nero XX.

Words that come to mind when I see these photos:

•Soft Contact
•Self Carriage
•Honest training

Isn’t is amazing to see how much competitive dressage has changed?

•Breed discrimination has developed, and despite this, horses are heavier on the forehand than ever, despite their breed’s conformation being supposedly well suited to dressage. I’ve seen haflingers and new forest ponies perform more correct dressage manoeuvres than the warmbloods in the top levels!

•Classical training methods have given way to controversial methods such as “LDR and hyperflexion”. Scientific studies are ignored, and corrupt individuals lie about the detrimental health effects to save face and reputation.

•Horses are no longer soft, relaxed, content and quiet - they are mouthy, frothing, jerky and tense throughout their bodies. Riders ignore their horses and force them into a submission that is uncomfortable to witness.

•Judges are no longer critical of crowd favourites, but collapse under the pressure and award poor horsemanship to appease the public.

Most importantly, people no longer criticise top riders, so filled with reverence and awe that they cannot see past the perfect image they have twisted from the truth. It is no longer a sport where perfect partnership and harmony is sought after, but scores and medals are most important and they will do whatever it takes to win. The authorities have no power, manipulated by the masses and wealth promised to them.

The purpose of dressage never changed, but individuals have bastardised it into something very false and untrue to the original.

My own thoughts?

I would rather admit my idols were wrong, than live my life never questioning. I would rather admit I was wrong, than have my horse live a life of learned helplessness and suffer at my own hands.

Seeing Tessa and Scott at the CNE

The show is pretty good. The one thing that was so noticeable to me is just how obvious it is when you watch a “show” skater vs trained (in a specific disipline) skater. The other group of skaters that filled the other part of the show werent the greatest. They have talent for sure but when you watch them and then watch Tessa and Scott the differences in technique and talent are incredibly obvious.

Every one cheers the loudest when Tessa and Scott came out - their Champs number was cute. I brought a friend with me who I’ve talked to T&S about for over a year now and she too is all about their love. And she commented that Scott looked very buff. And he did, he looks much more in shape then he did during Christmas (I’m secretly hoping that’s a sign for their future in skating). 

During the French number Scott kisses Tessa’s cheek and I noticed Scott’s signature kiss on the shoulder. I’m 100% sure because their backs were to me and my friend also noticed. It was her first time ever seeing them skate in person and she was very impressed and was also overwhelmed with how they skate with each other. She noted that they move like water, they move together so well much more then she saw with any of the other skaters. She is not wrong.

Good Kisser was….whatever Good Kisser is. They flubbed a little on the lift and once again the lights went dark much too early after the ‘kiss’. Loud cheers when they did the Goose.

Its a short show, I wish it were longer but its just awesome to see them skate again because even when they’re only performing 1:30 programs, its still so worth it because they really are so amazing to watch. The constant talking, the smiling, the little jokes between them - just all around goodness. 


*Sees the new SU episode list* Stop me from drawing SU I can’t resist. Anyways, I need to watch these episodes. THOSE TITLES.TEMPTING. oh do I see kindergarten? Kindergarten Kid??? PLEASE let thiss be an episode about amethyst or a backstory?!? Sorry I can’t hear you over this OVERWHELMING EXciTement!!!

And now srs Raditz lives AU ideas:

  • Raditz survives Piccolo’s beam but Goku doesnt and this is what changes his heart
  • Raditz helps Piccolo with Gohan’s training
  • Raditz vs Nappa before Goku arrives and is the only survivor along with Krillin and Gohan
  • Epic great ape battle because Raditz kept his tail,
  • Raditz being FURIOUS about Bulma blowing up the saiyan pod
  • Raditz going to Namek with Goku and they train together in the ship
  • Raditz and Goku fighting the Ginyu force
  • Vegeta still resents Raditz for being a traitor, Raditz don’t give a shit
  • Raditz & Piccolo vs Frieza
  • Raditz is wounded but not as much as Piccolo
  • Raditz helping Gohan and Bulma when they try to escape Namek
  • Raditz ANGRILY glaring at Vegeta when they get teleported and keeping both Gohan and Vegeta behind him
  • Raditz, unlike Vegeta, actually likes earthling clothes (GONNA NEED YOUR HELP ON HIS STYLE THO PFFT)
  • Raditz being HAPPY AF about Goku being alive but ANGRY because he won’t come back
  • Raditz stays at Goku’s house, helping around and helping Gohan with both study and training (“A WARRIOR ISN’T ONLY GOOD AT FIGHTING, A WARRIOR SHOULD BE SMART TOO”) even if he bumps heads with Chichi a lot
  • Sadly Raditz joins the “BEAT GOHAN UP TO TRAIN HIM” club
  • Raditz finds Cell along with Piccolo
  • Raditz goes with Piccolo to Kami’s when they fuse
  • Raditz going in the Time Chamber with Piccolo
  • Goku making fun of Raditz’s SSJ hair, which he achieved inside the Time Chamber
  • Raditz LOUDLY GROANING at Vegeta’s I AM THE HYPE bullshit
  • Raditz joins Piccolo when he scolds Goku about Gohan’s well-being
  • Raditz cheering on SSJ2 Gohan
  • Raditz trying to cheer up Gohan after Goku’s sacrifice
  • FASTFORWARD to Uncle Raditz during the Buu Saga
  • Uncle Raditz is really happy that Goten looks so much like Goku
  • Raditz actually liking Gohan’s Saiyaman outfit
  • Raditz usually visits Capsule Corp to train with Vegeta
  • Raditz decides to watch how Gohan trains Videl and Goten, and teases the shit outta Gohan and Videl
  • Raditz being angry at Vegeta for breaking the strenght meassure machine
  • Uncle Raditz cheering for Goten
  • Raditz is the only one Piccolo tells about Kaio Shin
  • Uncle Raditz holding Gohan back
  • Uncle Raditz about to jump and save Gohan
  • Raditz is the first one being tempted by Babidi but manages to ignore it
  • Even more reasons for Raditz to be angry at Vegeta, motherfucker let himself be controlled by Babidi
  • Both he and Goku are defeated by Vegeta
  • FAST FORWARD TO THE LOOK OUT, Raditz being proud of his brother because SSJ3… also what an amazing hairstyle, little brother
  • Raditz and Piccolo teaching the fusion dance to the kids, both are still embarassed af about it
  • Goku’s first choice for the fusion is Raditz rather than Gohan
  • Raditz offering energy for the Spirit Bomb


I’m in Chicago this week, and THIS happened today during my 4 x 1.5 mi strength workout. See lap 8!!!! It’s happening! I’m getting faster!

Let’s ignore the fact that in the final push, I spit without looking behind me and hit a cyclist on the leg of his tights as he zoomed past. Oops! We spent about 5 seconds of my apologizing and his saying it’s ok while trying not to loose our respective paces.

At 2:42 pm Thursday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vehicle versus train on Orwood Road just east of Orwood Resort.

According to crews on scene, the train observed a truck on the railway and began blowing its horn but the truck did not move and the two collided throwing the truck into the water while ejecting the man from the vehicle.

The truck then landed on a woman who was floating in a tube in the Middle River. A jet ski from the truck was laying on the train tracks as crews blocked off the intersection.

According to a witness who was in the area, a bystander jumped into the water to save the female and helped pull her from under the truck before authorities arrived.

Both the male and female were airlifted from the scene listed in critical condition.

Aamtrak says that 140 people were on-board, but no injuries were reported on the train. The train was a San Joaquin train from Bakersfield heading to Oakland.

The incident required two medical helicopters and all three East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Engines, three AMR units along with a response from the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office, Marine Patrol, and California Highway Patrol.


Brentwood: Two in Critical Condition After Train Collides With Truck At 2:42 pm Thursday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vehicle versus train on Orwood Road just east of Orwood Resort.