What were some of the scenes that you wanted to get in to the episodes that were left on the cutting room floor?

Kreisberg: There was a little exchange between Sara (Caity Lotz) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) where Sara says “hey, do you want to get a drink when this is all over,” and Kara says, “I think you wanna meet my sister.”


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so i beat felt mansion again (puzzlestuck)

as i changed my party, i realize this game leaves SO MUCH to imagination. here let me show you:


(that ought to teach you not to mess with the girls you sick fuck)


(john with the whole homosuck incident)
(jake with the caliborns masterpiece incident)
(roxy is here because that asshole messing up with her gf)
(dirk is…. well, lets say he has ‘other bussiness’ confronting LE)

damn someone could make fanfics with all of the combinations. i cant thank the game creator enough for this.

also, check this out:


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(1) I have a weird interpersonal problem. Many of my friends use the media someone consumes as a way to measure if they're Good People or Bad People, and if something is problematic or made by a problematic person, it's off limits. My roommate isn't one of these people. Today he told me he wants to watch Firefly with me because it's exactly the kind of thing I'd like. I tried to gently explain that I have some friends who absolutely hate Firefly and hinted they might be upset if I liked it.

(2) I also admitted I’d seen the first two episodes and liked it a lot, but never finished it. I didn’t explain why. My roommate was concerned and disappointed. He still wants to watch it with me because he loves showing his friends media that he knows they’ll love, and there’s other things he’s been trying to share with me that I have to say no to because I don’t want to feel guilty and disappoint or anger my other friends. If I explain that, he’ll be upset and worried. What do I do? 

A’ight, so, I think this is the same kid again, and baby, I’m gonna give you the same advice I give you every time:

You need to stop trying to please people who aren’t yourself.

I have mentioned at least three dozen times on this blog how much I love Robert Heinlein’s work, right? And then I proceed to not recommend him to anyone on Tumblr, because I know how people on Tumblr operate in terms of “Your Fave Is Problematic.”

I know he’s problematic. It’s not that I don’t care that he’s problematic. It’s just that I’m a grown up and I am confident enough in myself and my positions and opinions that I know he’s not going to sway me into being problematic in the same ways he was, so I enjoy his shit anyway. It’s escapist science fiction from a bygone era. It’s fun. :D

So, likewise, as a creator, Wh*don is problematic, which is why Firefly and Serenity are problematic. He’s kinda racist, kinda sexist, and kind of an asshole. I don’t care for his writing, or his directing. It all sounds pretty similar to me and I don’t think it’s funny or interesting. Which is why I skipped AOU, even though I am sincerely deeply thirsty for Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, which is a known fact.

Because I don’t enjoy Wh*don’s work, I kinda wince when a podcast I’m listening to does a Buffy rewatch or recap. I delete the episode automatically. Now, I have tried it (Buffy, Avengers), it just wasn’t for me. And that’s okay.

My sister, though? S? She does at least two full series Buffy rewatches every year. And that’s okay! I’m glad she has a thing she likes. I am slightly ashamed that I know all the lyrics to Once More With Feeling because of her poor influence, but eh, it was a good time.

Yeah: watching Buffy in the context of watching it with my sister was kinda fun. I tried not to heckle too much because I didn’t want to upset her, so she was happy, and there were endless pepperoni Hot Pockets.

(Bonus effect of having a pothead sister- snacks are pretty much always endless. And she likes cooking, so there are usually two pans of brownies, one of which is mostly mine because the other has the “special” butter in it.)

Also, this is still one of my favorite gifs:

I think you’re gonna be fine on your own recognizance. You watched two episodes. You liked it. You’re allowed to like things. You have a friend with whom watching the show together could be a positive bonding experience. That sounds terrific! I love doing things with my friends! I literally cannot bingewatch by myself, I get bored as fuck. I only ever managed it with Jessica Jones. Ever. I can’t sit still that long if I’m not interacting with something else. Or someone else. Just- ugh, I don’t like TV.

If your other friends are gonna judge you for liking the thing, rather than preventing yourself from having a positive experience engaging with the thing, you could just… not tell them you like the thing, and like it anyway. If they bring it up, or it slips, you have a reputation with them for being sufficiently aware of things that they shouldn’t be mad at you for liking things in a certain context, like the context of having a good time with a friend, and making a pleasant memory, ffs.

The problem with staying woke all the time is that sleep deprivation has severe consequences.

The entire world is a shitshow right now. Christ’s sake, kid. Have some fun. 



“So when the world fights, he fights back.”

That Moment You Realize...

These two dorks…

Are the same age as these two dorks…

I also realized on how Adrien and Star are both rich and beloved blondes while Marinette and Marco are socially awkward brunettes. 

EDIT: I am aware that Marinette has blue/black hair. I did quick research and a brunette goes from someone who has brown hair (any shade) to black hair. Also, there isn’t a specific term for black hair. ANOTHER EDIT: HER HAIR ISN’T BLUE! IT’S BLACK! IT JUST LOOKS LIKE THAT BECAUSE OF THE SHADING! SHIT! WHAT DOES A GIRL GOTTA DO TO SATISFY PEOPLE!?

Pokemon Go in Paris Like...
  • Ladybug: Prepare for trouble!
  • Chat Noir : Make it double!
  • Ladybug : To protect the world from devastation!
  • Chat Noir : To unite all peoples within our nation!
  • Ladybug : To denounce the evils of truth and love!
  • Chat Noir : To extend our reach to the stars above!
  • Ladybug : Ladybug!
  • Chat Noir : Chat Noir!
  • Ladybug : Team Miraculous, blast off at the speed of light!
  • Chat Noir : Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
  • LB & CN : ....
  • Chat Noir : Wait, I'm Meowth too, right?