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Doodles from tonight. There would have been more but by the time I got done inking I ran out of steam. Referenced from these glorious posts here >> https://blackwolfartz.tumblr.com/post/157981364299/just-shower-thoughts-physics-is-basically   and my personal fav, the Soup Discourse here >>  https://blackwolfartz.tumblr.com/post/157889747714/biglawbear-laughswiththethunder   So more for my ‘If Bo had a lil bro’ I wish I had the energy to draw more tonight but I am very tired and ready to rest for the night. Tomorrow is another day~ 

today at work I decided to doodle instead of napping, and filled a page in whatever character I could draw/remember how to draw. This is done in ballpoint pen so I wasn’t able to fix any mistakes (i.e. Discord).

I’ve got Discord with tea, Milo Murphy with a broken arm, Wander looking through a Villain’s Monthly, Hekapoo with large Scissor swords, Randy Cunningham hopping out of a NINJA SMOKEBOMB, Kravitz slicing the inky tar, Bill Cipher “looking” menacingly, Marceline whining for attention from an overworked Bonnibel, Connie looking awesome with Rose’s Sword and Ice King losing at chess against Gunter.

Okay, so I really wanted to save this till later but after seeing the finally results I’m really proud of this. So meet my Starco child, Estrella Diaz-Butterfly.
Her symbol of obviously is the Star, I don’t wanna give too much but I’ll say some characteristics about her.
So after birth, Marco saw her symbols being stars, he wanted to name her after his wife but thought it be weird having two Star’s in the family, so he thought why not add some of his Mexican culture and call her the Spanish version of Star, Estrella.
Estrella is very energetic, athletic, and positive girl. She does her best to live a happy life with the one she loves.
Though living positive, when she gets upset, which is rarely, let’s just say not the best result.
Her favorite color is Blue, and loves to wear a certain someone’s ( need to draw him) oversized sweatshirts, which is so large it covers half her skirts. She always keeps her hair in a ponytail for yet another reason I cannot give out yet (sorry). But yah, I need to finish my current stories so I can move on to her! Hope you all like and can’t wait to start her story soon!