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I like to think that they watch on from a better place.

… and make bets on what’s going to happen.

Tex is way better at this than Church.


Hey everyone aaand welcome to a long post! I’m sorry, I worked a looot…! This is a nameless Octopus girl I’m working on. Can’t reveal much about her character/name, but I like how she looks now (why do all my girls have this expression, why do I love those kuuderes so much)!

Another character sketch! This one is Aldebaran, brightest star on Taurus’ constellation (also Taurus’ ex-girlfriend)!

And this is a place to chill and F I G H T! I’m working on the interior tilesets for Taurus now, and lemme tell ya, this is hard work… Jeez! But I’m kinda liking how this looks! I still need to fix some perspectives and accept any feedback on that! :3

A little house! I adapted some tilesets from an older project of mine to Virgo, since I won’t use those specific elements anymore on that project. I think the piano was well adapted, and look cute on Virgo’s environment!

Book Spell by almarus (deviantart)
If anybody uses Star’s spellbound in the future, I’m positive that they will burn down everything! I’m still wondering if Glossaryck is actually neutral, since he’s seen with Toffee and the Queen in the intro, or he’s tricking one side by being with the other. Someone get some pudding! 🌟📕🎑🌈

I’m finally starting to upload my April Patreon rewards, for you to see what you’ve been missing!  (Remember: if you want early access to my art and HQ unwatermarked versions for your personal use, please become my patron!)

  • April Subject: Western Magical Girls.
  • Category: Something Cute.
  • Characters: Star Butterfly and Marco Díaz, from Star vs the Forces of Evil! ♥

I really really enjoy the absurd humor of SVTFOE, and I LOVE Marco as much as I love Star! (and I kinda ship them, too… no matter what people says X’D) so here, have not only the Magical Girl I was supposed to draw for my Patrons, but also her lovely teammate!