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Your recent posts about asexual women make me curious about your views on asexuality vs. lesbianism and their intersection, if you acknowledge one. Do you believe that genuinely asexual women exist? How do you define "asexual"? Does it make sense to say that there are asexual lesbians or lesbians who don't desire partnered sex, simply because that's who they are and not because of internalized homophobia?

To be perfectly honest I don’t really believe that genuine for real asexuality is a thing, and more often it’s a very low sex drive, or trauma-induced aversion.

These aren’t bad things and don’t “need” to be corrected but I just don’t believe that asexuality is a genuine thing. And certainly not something that oppresses anyone or makes them a member of the LGB community.

fitzsimmons fic recs for April/May by everyl1ttleth1ng

Ok, it seems I’m building a bit of a fic rec masterpost here! If you’re new to the fandom (welcome!) or if you’re looking for some fun fics to read, maybe this post or these links to my previous fic rec posts might help!?

The fic recs from early April        The post before that      And the one before that

and my extreme fic rec post of AUs from way back during Leo-Fitz-Mas

And now for my recent finds! Sadly I don’t have much time to write lengthy blurbs but take my word for it, these fics are definitely worth reading!

I’m so conscious that this is not at all comprehensive so please reply to this post or message me if you think I’m missing out on great things!!!

@0hcicero is back with more of my heart-warming/heart-breaking beloved 80s England punk-rock science AU The Guns of Brixton (Rated E)

@amanda-rex is blowing my mind and threatening to make my heart explode with the magical shippers dream that is her board game designers AU By Design (Rated T)

@recoveringrabbit wrote an extremely cathartic canon-compliant post-Will fic called More Than _________ which is characteristically stunning, as is All Tied Up about Jemma wearing a tie like the old days of S1 and Fitz reacting! (G)

@chinese-bakery is here for your Marvel’s Most Wanted’s-been-cancelled-devastation with a cathartic FitzSimmons/Huntingbird double date featuring some drunken karaoke of a personal 90s fave in What’s Going On? (G) There’s also the 084 induced mind-reading WIP Psychically Jinxed you are sure to love!

@unbreakablejemmasimmons (who goes by SuburbanSun on Ao3) long ago wrote this super fun S1 FitzSimmons undercover thing (with Coulson and Skye on comms!) that I stumbled across today called Right Time, Right Place (G)

@agentcalliope has written a stunning meta-esque fic that charts a path from their conversation in the snow in S1 all the way to the “inevitable” snow/ash fall and hand-holding and BEAUTIFULLY preempts The Singularity in Change (G) See also Hesitate (G) and there’s so much more loveliness I’m yet to get to!!!

@quibbler  (??tumblr name?) has so many wonderful chapters of a delightful sixties pilot/flight attendant MI6 fic called around the world I’ve searched for you - I discovered it through the @fitzsimmonsfic Wednesday WIP feature on their fabulous blog here so it’s unfinished but I still found it a lovely read!!! (T)

@mech-bull deals beautifully with that weighty expression from Fitz when Jemma accuses Lincoln of being a love-sick fool in the intimate and lovely and sad and hilarious Grand Gestures (Rated T)

@lesspants is another fic writer I found through a @fitzsimmonsfic Wednesday WIP post which led me to the truly delightful and highly entertaining friendship to romance Evolutionary Nutrition of the Homo sapiens sapiens It has been updated recently so I’m sure it’s worth investing in! (G)

@memorizingthedigitsofpi takes us all the way back to “Yes Men” in S1 with the characteristically lovely and hilarious Chasing Simmons in which Coulson does NOT knock Fitz out and he has to work out what to do with Simmons. (G)

@stillnotapepper has been developing this totally hilarious fake-dating AU in Isn’t He Precious It’s awkward and delightful and hopefully she’s working her way towards a bit of REAL romance. Right, Pepper?? Right? :D (T)

@grapehyasynth finished the magnificent Three Years (T) and has started a heck of a lot of other amazing things including an exciting Chuck AU Fitz Vs The Intersect  and a beautiful traumatic/cathartic S2 post Trip’s death fic i will care for you even when you have forgotten. In fact, here’s the works - prolific!!!

@lalallicat brings us the wonderful Leap Day in which Jemma Simmons gets stuck in a Dublin inn with a disagreeable innkeeper and shenanigans ensue! (T)

@roamingbadger continues to deliver extreme gorgeousness in A Happy, Loving Pair in which Jemma Simmons is staying in a Perthshire cottage for her brother’s wedding and finds the cottage owner’s son to be a bit of a dish. (T)

@anastea wrote a truly gorgeous story connecting the moment Jemma cuts off Fitz’s rambling about his picture of space to the moment the building starts shaking and it is simply perfection. aptly titled a picture of space (G)

@simplyshipping comes through with the sick fic in The One With The Shingles which is adorable sick friends FitzSimmons at its best! A WIP so there’ll be more to come!! YAY!! (G)

@theskyfalls gives us the gorgeous Tracks in which two strangers meet on a train and find themselves at the mercy of the weather. (G)

@perthshirekisses blesses us with a record of statistically improbable occurrences between two strangers which is a totally gorgeous epic tale following the relationship of two children who meet once a year on a train trip and what happens as they get older and fall in love. (G)

@agent85 has been SUPER prolific and I have so many fics to catch up on but this one - The Symphony of You and Me - is a real treat and I have no doubt that all the rest are too. (G)

ALSO, so many lovely ficlets everywhere @superirishbreakfasttea is a veritable fountain of delights! @dilkirani is one of my new favourites! @writeonthrough publishes so many lovely things! @agl03 occasionally turns her hand to lovely fic amidst the meta and speculation! I miss lots due to being in the wrong time zone for many of the ficlet writers but I know at least these guys have put out some beauties recently!!!

I KNOW I’m missing things so please point them out if I am!!! I don’t want to miss out on any amazing fics!!!

White Feminism vs. Intersectional Feminism

What is feminism?
Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the term ‘intersectional feminist’ in someone’s bio on twitter or tumblr. People do this to differentiate themselves from ‘white feminists’.
What are the differences between white feminism and intersectional feminism?
White feminism is a term generally given to people who claim the title of ‘feminist’ but do nothing to advocate or help the movement. It’s usually also given to people who only focus on white cis women; not women of color, trans women, disabled women, etc. Whereas intersectional feminists advocate for all women and try to bring equality and change, not just claim a title.
Who are white feminists?
Good examples of white feminists are celebrities such as Demi Lovato. In one magazine she stated, “I considered myself a feminist before it was cool. Now everyone is claiming it”, this is an example of how people use feminism as a title. Demi should be happy that the movement is growing, not be mad at the popularity of the title. Also, what has she done to advocate for feminism…? (You know, other than shaming women for wearing makeup on twitter….) Lena Dunham is another white feminist, and is seen as a (white) feminist icon. (even though she admittedly molested her sister…)
Who are intersectional feminists?Popular social media intersectional feminists include Laci Green, Alexis Isabel (Lexi4prez), etc. Celebrities include Matt McGorry, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, etc. They all advocate for equality of all women. Not just white for cis women.

In conclusion, we need to do away with white feminism. ALL women matter, and everyone should be pushing for equality for ALL women, not just white cis women.


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Also notice how white women are quick to deflect any criticism from woc by comments like “BUT THE MEN!!!”. This way they get to benefit from white privilege and never have to talk about race, and act as if white women and woc suffer from the same level of oppression and misogyny. All white feminists want to do is talk about girls vs. boys, but never the intersection of how race plays a huge role in societal interactions.

The opening scene of the best show ever

[Open: camera pans across city lights in California, night] 

(We see a jacket being zipped, batteries loaded into a flashlight, gloves fastened, bag zipped close, sheets tied together) 

Chuck: Morgan, this is a bad idea. 

Morgan: Well, we can’t stay here, Chuck. 

Chuck: I’m uncomfortable with the plan. 

(hands open windows, turns on flashlight)

Morgan: Plan? What plan? This is survival. 

(camera pans to two guys, one bearded and the other quite clean cut. Having an appeal, of course. We hear footsteps as the two look toward the door.) 

Morgan: That’s her. We’ve been compromised! I’m a ghost.

Chuck: (as Morgan starts to climb out the window) Morgan, you can’t leave me like this. You can’t do this to me, man. 

(camera pans to the door as a brunette, beautiful, tall, turns on the lights. She looks annoyed, left hand planted on her hip while the right one is still on the doorknob. She is Ellie Bartowski, Chuck’s sister.) 

Ellie: Chuck, what are you doing? 

Chuck: Ah, ah, escaping. 

(We see Morgan trying to pull himself up where he appears to be dangling from the window.) 

Ellie: From your own birthday party? 

Morgan: Hey, Ellie! (he obviously holds an infatuation and she hates him) Wow, you look fantastic! 

Chuck: Ah, you know, sis, the thing is, (camera pans to Ellie) Morgan and I don’t really feel like we’re fitting in at my birthday party ‘cause we don’t know anybody 'cause they’re all your friends (camera pans to Chuck and Morgan who’s still struggling to pull himself up) and they all happen to be doctors. 

Morgan: Doctors who don’t even get our jokes. 

Chuck: Well, your jokes. 

Morgan: Okay, my jokes. 

Ellie: Chuck, I have invited real live women. For you. So please. Let’s go. Morgan, you stay here. 

(closes the door. Defeated, Chuck stands up and looks at Morgan.) 

Chuck: Need a hand, buddy? 

Morgan: No, I’m okay. (stands up to reveal he could actually stand outside Chuck’s window) 

i mean i usually try not to say feminism because i know about the harassment of people who end up in the search but goddamn “feminism” is a charmander and “intersectional feminism” is a mega-evolved charizard like they come from a similar beginning but they are not the same goddamn thing and pretending they are is going to fuck up your whole strategy for the elite 4-kyriarchy your charmander does not have the stuff you need to evolve your feminism motherfuckers stop hitting interrupt and then wondering why your stats and effectiveness are limited just admit you have an incomplete base philosophy and that you need to level it up