vs temptation


Mephisto: I’ll wager that I can wrest Faust’s soul from God!

The Archangel: If thou canst destroy the divine in Faust, the Earth is thine.

Mephisto: No man can resist evil.  The wager is on!

-”Faust” (1926)   


Name: Sebastian Stan|Filmography
Vidder: HoneyMonsterNoNo
Genre: gen
Songs: Mona - Shooting the Moon
Korn - Word up!
Olafur Arnalds - So Close
Robin Skouteris - Crucify My Enemy (Within Temptation Vs Muse remix)


TW: sassy

  • animu winky - check.
  • superciliously raised finger - check.
  • mouth open because Talking™ - check.
  • background full of hashtags and/or “6lah 6lah 6lah”s - check.
  • caption - check.

re: this.

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Cotton On

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WTNV Tarot


May be the time for a Deal with the Devil, other temptations or the confrontation with one’s inner evil. Occasionally interpreted as a symbol of sexuality, knowledge, ambition, or the need to balance indulgence and abstinence.”

The decision to make Devil The Condos came shortly after I had solidified the idea of The Lovers as The Whispering Forest.  Now, I am one to jump up and somewhat balk at the ideas of Tarot parallels in mirrors amongst individual cards in the deck, as more often than not Tarot cards are symbols of individual events and archetypes.  But despite that above I do feel that there can be readings of similarities when it comes to Lovers and Devil, particularly in the idea of innocent vs. malicious temptation.  Lovers, and by extension Whispering Forest, is a sort of innocent temptation, while Devil is portrayed as much more malicious and dangerous as a Lotus Eater-esque sort of conflict.

A common question I have received is why haven’t I included The Man In The Tan Jacket yet, particularly as The Devil card, even though he has intense parallels to the Devil.  I chatted about it earlier in a writing piece here you can check out.

Of course when I attempt to take a bite of an artistic element I’m new to, I  must take a big bite.  Fairly rough at perspective? How about doing 20+ identical cubes at varying heights at an awkward bird’s-eye view.  My apologies to those who attended a few of my Livestreams where I would helplessly fiddle with cubes.  Although the cubes are black, I adjusted them to be somewhat starry-looking to tie into the description of the Condo rental office, and so I don’t have to place simple black blots on the card. The placement of the sun and the symmetry of the cubes is in the style of the classical illustration of the Devil tarot.  I learned how to fiddle with the soft edge brushes, and I really loved how Carlos turned out floating there in the cube.

Click Here for the Masterpost of completed WTNV Tarot Cards so far!

Temptation to a certain sin, to any sin whatsoever, might last throughout your life, yet it can never make us displeasing to God’s Majesty provided we do not take pleasure in it and give consent to it. You must have great courage in the midst of temptation. Never think yourself overcome as long as they are displeasing to you, keeping clearly in mind the difference between feeling temptation and consenting to it.
—  St. Teresa of Avila