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Christen Press interview. She’s been playing amazing 👏🏼

Top 10 USWNT Goals of 2016

#10 Morgan Brian November 10 vs. Romania

#9 Heather O’Reilly September 15 vs. Thailand

#8 Tobin Heath February 21 vs. Canada

#7 Mallory Pugh January 23 vs. Republic of Ireland

#6 Tobin Heath November 10 vs. Romania

#5 Alex Morgan March 6 vs. France

#4 Christen Press February 10 vs. Costa Rica

#3 Crystal Dunn March 3 vs. England

#2 Carli Lloyd October 23 vs. Switzerland

#1 Alex Morgan March 9 vs. Germany


Christen Press interview and Pictures. She’s so good at interviews

Ilinica Calugareanu on her documentary Chuck Norris vs Communism:

I was 6 years old in 1986 and my parents found a way to borrow a VCR. They invited all their friends over and all night they watched grainy VHS tapes of American films. I remember all the movies I watched and especially how I felt when I stepped into the living room. It was like walking into a different dimension – a secret, magical and free world. There were millions of other Romanians who secretly watched films like we did. We all grew up with the feeling that Chuck Norris was more real than the reality presented to us in the propaganda news. Those tapes and their heroes changed a whole generation. So for us, this film is about the magic of film and the power it has to change our lives. One of the biggest threads for me is about the shared experience of watching films in a dangerous and underground space. Movies meant so much more to the people in this film; it was a completely different viewing experience than the one we can relate to today. It is about the way films leave a mark on your life to the point of being able to taste that experience, even after decades have passed.

WNT vs.Romania: Highlights - Nov. 13, 2016

The U.S. Women’s National Team finished strong in 2016 with a 5-0 win vs. Romania in front of 20,336 fans at StubHub Center.

Actual things my dad said about Tobin Heath during the Uswnt vs Romania game

“Tobin has nice foot work, very creative.”
“You should analyze the way she plays.”
“Why don’t you play like that?”
*After the assist* “Did you see that?! That was amazing.”
“That woman is my hero…. Heroine?”
“Hands down, Tobin is one of the best players out there, even better than some of the male players.”