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The Hogwarts Houses as Youtube creators

As a note from the writer of this, I made my judgements based on the CONTENT each person or group creates. For example, Jenna Marbles has officially been sorted into Hufflepuff, but I listed her as a Gryffindor as her videos are often at the expense of others though in good humour, she’s arrogant in some videos, selfish and always trying to get a reaction, along with her lack of regard for what her viewers want to see. (See her video where she shaved her eyebrows when we told her not to).

Gryffindor- Jenna Marbles, Smosh, GloZell, MirandaSings, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, PrankvsPrank, iJustine, iiSuperwomanii, Philip DeFranco, RayWilliamJohnson, IHateEverything, The Gabbie Show

Hufflepuff- AmazingPhil, Bethany Mota, LukeIsNotSexy, EpicMealTime, Grace Helbig, Ingrid Nilsen, HowToBasic, Louise Pentland, Mamrie Hart, Marzia Bisognin, Rhett and Link/Good Mythical Morning, Rosanna Pansino, Liza Koshy, Thomas Sanders, BrizzyVoices

Ravenclaw- Zoella, The Game Theorists, Safiya Nygaard, Laci Green, TheFineBros, College Humor, EpicRapBattlesOfHistory, VlogBrothersMarkiplierTayZondayJoey Graceffa, Paint

Slytherin- Daniel Howell, Anna Akana, Anthony Padilla, Bill Wurtz (The History Of The World, I Guess), Buzzfeed, JacksFilms, Emma Blackery, Shane Dawson, Tobuscus

I know this isn’t a scenario/hc format but….

I really just want Saeran to be just as weird as his brother. Because they’re twins. But their, like, weird in different ways.

Like Saeyoung likes HBC and Ph.D Pepper? (It’s a weird flavor mix, but good, I’ve tried it.)

Well Saeran likes Red Hots mixed in with ice cream.

When Saeran (inevitably) gets pranked by Saeyoung (and maybe MC, the traitor), he pranks back hard in a really devious, hugely inconvenient, and over the top way. Like a really complicated, long winded, scavenger hunt “for re-bonding purposes.” Then once the physical scavenger hunt is done, there’s a digital scavenger hunt, that leads to a video of Elizabeth cuddling Saeran while he chats calmly with Jumin. (Because Saeran is polite, asks permission to see Elizabeth, takes no for an answer, doesn’t “torture” Elizabeth, waits for her to come to him, and is just fine with being in the room with Jumin while he interacts with her.)

Maybe they just have brother vs. brother prank wars, which only stop (temporarily) because MC declares a winner (for her own sanity… before she sets off a prank on both). They joking name each war like bad, testosterone movie titles;

  • “Prank War!” - wow, real original, honestly sounds like a daring, frat boy, movie where a couple of guys get stranded in the woods as part of a drunken prank
  • “Pranks Wars: A Tale of 2 Brothers” - all i can think about it “A tale of Two Kitties” *slaps self for thinking about it* and “Brother Bear/2”. Also, if it’s a series, why did it change naming conventions?
  • “Prank Wars III: Final Splash” - all water pranks
  • “Prank Wars the Redeadening IV” - “what? So there’s the ‘prank wars series AND a 'prank wars redeadening’ series? That’s some bad naming conventions”
  • “Prank Wars 5!:A New Challenger!” - The OFFICIAL introduction of MC into the prank wars (truly, she was mastermind behind it all because she pranks Saeran, then panicked and blamed it on Saeyoung and she’s thrown a few pranks into the wars to keep things interesting)
  • etc

They have a twin language they will slip into without thinking, only to confuse everyone around them. Or rather, Saeyoung does it on purpose, Saeran does it without thinking and doesn’t even realize it’s a thing until later.

If Saeran ever wants something that either he thinks Saeyoung will try to steal or mess with (like certain foods… idk, stickers?, and, uh…. maybe secret treasures, nicknacks, or a creative hobby?), he knows all the places Seayoung will and wont look, and knows all the best hiding spots. Also how to disable the security cameras long enough to hide the stuff and short enough to not be noticed.

M a s t e r l i s t

Here ya go :)) || Request  H E R E


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anonymous asked:

I know you had a post about LGBT Slytherins so do you have any specific headcanons about how the other Slytherins react when a fellow Slytherin comes out as nonbinary?

They do the only rational thing, of course. They ask the house elves to make a cake in the NB colours.

The Slytherins have a third dorm room for all the non-binary Slytherins, and the sign on the door says ‘THEY/THEM’.

A particularly intelligent 7th year worked out a charm that the correct pronouns will appear over someones head if you accidentally misgender them. (No one purposefully misgenders because if anyone knows what it’s like to feel invisible due to their identity and something they can’t do anything about, its us)

They use whichever bathroom they want, of course.

During notorious Slytherin girls vs boys prank wars, they are the ultimate weapon. Not only can they choose which side they want to be on, but they are also double-spies, as well as being able to enter the opposition’s bathroom, meaning no place is sacred anymore.

Allura going up to keith with a food and telling him to eat it, he does everytime

there is a fifty/fifty chance whatever she is giving his really really good or really really bad and shes pranking him vs wanting his genuine opinion. keith cant tell when she is pranking him so he takes his chances

when they go to earth, keith returns this favor 

anonymous asked:

phil lester vs. praying mantis or pranking dan with chilli gummy bears? the debate starts now

theyre both so good but u know i gotta pick phil lester vs. praying mantis.. u know i gotta. that video was uploaded in 2015 aka one of the best years ever and it was a really intimate video cuz it was filmed later at night during their semi secret double date trip to greece with wirrow and bryony. some of the best highlights were their high pitched screaming throughout the entire video and bryony laughing in the background and phil wearing shorts and just looking really fucken good and when phil named the praying mantis winston and holding the glass up to his face when he caught it and how the glass made his face look all funny and distorted and how he changed his twitter profile pic to it later and when dan said “oh my god if it flies back in here i’m disowning you” and then at the end when dan zoomed in on phil’s face and they both said try new things in perfect synchronization :’’)