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things i’ve gathered from working at Victoria’s Secret:

DISCLAIMER: this is solely based on my experience working at my store as a Generalist. this doesn’t apply to all VS stores; mgmt and how things are run will vary based on each individual store.


- unless you start out as a Seller (someone who exclusively works on the floor), you will not recieve any formal training on how to do your job. (i.e. if you’re a Generalist, a person who does basically everything) you have to learn as you go along and bother other workers for what to do because you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

- if you’re a Generalist, they will work you to the bone, make you clean up after everyone (esp. if you work shipment) and shit on you. they don’t really acknowledge all of the hard work they do nearly as much as Sellers. the only person who does is the district manager, who only visits maybe twice a month? 

- the company does not listen to their employees. they will bend over backwards for customers, letting them get their way for totally unfair situations, but not the people who have to deal with said ridiculous customers. if there’s an ongoing issue with a manager, who’s manipulative, a compulsive liar, and many other awful things, despite many many complaints to HQ, they will not do anything about it. if there’s any internal problem, they won’t blink an eye.

- VS is a very selfish company. they overprice everything, the don’t pay their workers not nearly enough with the amount of shit they deal with, they boast about an ‘awesome employee discount’ which is actually very specific with its requirements. generalists don’t get incentives, bonuses, or free clothing like Sellers do. it’s a very heirarchal system when it comes to employees. 

- they’re actually not very inclusive. there’s nothing in their training about gener identity and respecting trans people. there’s nothing educating their workers about trans people. many many times, a trans woman has been harrassed by a worker in my store, by a cis employee. this issue could’ve been avoided if there was something about it in the training. out of 50+ employees, my boyfriend and i are the only trans and lgbt+ people in the entire store. they really do go for the stereotypical white, cis, straight woman when looking to hire. 

- they’re very flawed and are very good at hiding it. their products aren’t worth the money, that’s something i can promise you. you can go to walmart and find something looking exactly the same and less than triple the price. they’re not worth your money. 

if you’re a VS employee or a past one, please feel free to add your experiences! i’ll be adding more as well.