vs pink dog

“I am a cutter, you see. Also a snipper, a slicer, a carver, a jabber. I am a very special case. I have a purpose. My skin, you see, screams. It’s covered with words - cook, cupcake, kitty, curls - as if a knife-wielding first-grader learned to write on my flesh. I sometimes, but only sometimes, laugh. Getting out of the bath and seeing, out of the corner of my eye, down the side of a leg: babydoll. Pull on a sweater and, in a flash of my wrist: harmful. Why these words? Thousands of hours of therapy have yielded a few ideas from the good doctors. They are often feminine, in a Dick and Jane, pink vs. puppy dog tails sort of way. Or they’re flat-out negative. Number of synonyms for anxious carved in my skin: eleven. The one thing I know for sure is that at the time, it was crucial to see these letters on me, and not just see them, but feel them. Burning on my left hip: petticoat. “ - Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects

My cute-ass VS PINK mini dog and tumblr!

I’ve been wanting one of these puppies for years! But the VS PINK store near my hometown always sold out of them by the time I got out of school or work to make my way to the mall. And for some reason I didn’t realize you could redeem the offer online as well.. until this year, that is.

So, yippee! I’m going to start looking forward to these guys every year from now on :)