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The reason the second one comes up at all is because there’s a plausible defense of abortion which is self-defense - pregnancy is difficult to horrifying to go through, and so just as it’s arguable that if someone is coming at you in order to torture and scar you it’s okay to shoot at them, it’s okay to kill a fetus which is a burden for the most part of a year, and maybe more so once you take into account “right to control things underneath your skin” (which to me sounds sort of stupid as a right, but it seems to be many people’s intuition). The thing is, though, that if you’re deciding between killing someone and getting scarred for life, that’s a much harder decision than deciding between killing someone and refraining from sex should be.

Many people also think that men should be forced to pay child support to women they impregnate. Again, this has those two levels: 1, the child’s upbringing and quality of life matters, so the mother should get money to help the child with (though this is more intuitively distant than refraining from killing a fetus) 2, the reason why we don’t just take the money from some random person is that the father in some sense gave consent to paying child support through the sex act. This isn’t about “slut-shaming” the man for having had sex, but simply is that the people who most directly caused a bad situation should bear the costs, in order to set up good incentives.

its funny to me to see all these “ryan vs brendon discourse needs to stop! theyve done shitty things and it evens out!” posts because like…. none of the discourse is about ryan… especially not ryan vs brendon……… it’s just about what brendon has said/done and continues to say/do, whether in the context of split stuff, or other shady/shitty things 

plus, even if this WAS ryan vs. brendon discourse, it hasn’t ~balanced out~ because while he’s said/done shitty things, as of present he’s basically fucked off into obscurity and just posts about his dog once in a blue moon, meanwhile breadknob feels the need to be involved with some big fuss about something petty every week or so

tsff21  asked:

So if a kid's show tackles mature subjects matter, its automatically shit to you? You must really hate Gravity Falls, Teen Titans, Gumball, Star Vs, Regular Show, Wander Over Yonder and so much more then. =/

Don’t know what prompted this, but…

Gravity Falls was a work of art.
I did not see that much of the original Teen Titans, but what I did see was great.
Gumball is the best show CN has right now.
I haven’t seen Wander Over Yonder, nor Star Vs the Forces of Evil, so I can’t give my opinion on them.
Regular Show… I haven’t seen much at all, but what I have seen, I didn’t care for.


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SPN Writing Challenge | @loveitsallineed vs. @brinchestiel

Summary: Neither Dean nor Cas thought that simple touch would play such an important role in their lives.

Prompt: Song Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Pairing: Destiel (Dean x Castiel)

Word count: 1305

Warnings: angst, mentions of fist fight, betrayal, lying, some fluff, canon verse, s11 SPN spoilers

Beta: @heyimjustastranger (thank you for help and for assuring me that it’s a good piece of writing

A/N: It’s a bit different than the rest of my work and I hope you’ll like it ;) I have no idea who to tag in Destiel stuff. Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged.

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Touch is an important aspect of every human’s life. Mother embracing her newborn develops a bond with him which lasts forever in most cases. Actually, the whole world revolves around it and it’s amazing how essential it is.

Dean’s relationship with Cas started with a simple touch, too. It all began when angel gripped the hunter’s arm for the first time, rescuing him from hell. His handprint burned into Dean’s skin like a mark. The hunter thought that it was the creature’s way to claim him somehow and it scared the crap out of him. However, it turned out that Castiel wasn’t a monster at all. He was Dean’s savior.

And just like that, the bond between these two started to grow. Even though Cas wasn’t an ally of the Winchesters, he quickly became one, unable to bear the other angels manipulating Sam and Dean. 

Back then, touch was only a way of getting attention for these two. The hunter would grab angel’s arm to make him turn around. Castiel would put a hand on Dean’s mouth to make sure he won’t scream and will understand that he’s not a threat. It wasn’t different for Dean than touching other people, though, even if he thought it would be. 

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  • Ford: *makes Dipper think he's in danger to get him to come to him*
  • Ford: *enlists help of twelve year old to save the universe*
  • Ford: *expects twelve year old to perform a highly dangerous move perfectly on first try*
  • Ford: *suggests twins being together all the time is suffocating*
  • Ford: *tells twelve year old to suppress fear*
  • Ford: *expects twelve year old to save the universe by himself*
  • Ford: *suggests that Mabel is holding Dipper back*
  • Ford: *knows that Mabel would react negatively to Dipper staying with him but tells Dipper to do it anyway*
Nature and Nurture

Today I read an article handling the topic of “the it’s all in how they are raised” argument, used most predominantly regarding bully breeds. It’s a great anecdotal article. Link is at the bottom of the post. Here is an excerpt that particularly stuck out to me: 

“Ask any behaviorist what’s more important – nature or nurture – and they’ll answer ‘both’. Some dogs can be raised by the book, socialized to everything, and still become dangerously aggressive. […] If you truly believe ‘it’s all how they’re raised,’ no stray shelter dog or abused dog would be safe to place in a home.” (emphasis mine)

Years of studying basic psychology in high school, educational psychology in college, and now animal behavior and psychology at university, one fundamental concept has remained consistent: It is not “nature vs. nurture”, nor is it “nature or nurture”, but “nature and nurture”.

Genetics and environment both play an incredibly important role in animal behavior (and human behavior), and it frustrates me and professional animal behaviorists when people try to pass puppies off as blank slates. 

No dog is a blank slate. To assume that genetics is that predictable and passive is to wildly underestimate the complexity of biology. That certain animal behavioral traits are engrained genetically is undeniable. We see it in hibernation, mating rituals, migration patterns, and so forth. 

But what is truly fascinating is when learned behavior becomes instinctive behavior, such as the migration patterns of the monarch butterflies, who still circumvent a mountain that has not existed for a very long time. 

You can breed a dog for behavior. No one denies an innate drive in sheep dogs to herd, or for retrievers to retrieve, yet somehow people are blatantly unwilling to admit that decades of breeding a dog to fight has impacted their genetic code. 

That being said, nurture also plays a huge role in the behavioral development of a dog. Most dogs with slight to strong herding instincts can be taught to leave children alone, but there will always be that one dog that just can’t stop themselves. You can discourage a retriever from retrieving, but there will be that one dog who just can’t stop himself from trying. In the same way, many dogs who were bred to fight can be discouraged from fighting, and “raised right”, but there will be that one dog, who just can’t help himself. 

Behavior is made up of both nature and nurture. To disregard one or the other completely is to show an incredibly dangerous lack of understanding of basic principles of behavior and genetics.  


Don’t ever think that you have to leave your emotions or affection whenever engaging in something. We’re holistic beings which means that we should treat everything holistically. Not a head vs. heart mentality, nor a balance of the two, but an intimate integration.