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Charge a small "adoption fee" to prevent snake owners from using your free puppies or kittens as food.

I have a coworker who routinely looks at online advertisements for free puppies, kittens, or bunnies. She will pretend to be getting the animal for her children, but will really take it home and feed it to her reticulated python. She admitted that she won’t pay over 10$ to feed the snake. Charging a small adoption fee of $15 or $20 will deter her and other like minded individuals from dishonestly taking the animals for a food source.

Note: I understand that snakes are animals too, and need to eat. I’m not bashing on snakes or snake owners. I merely take issue with the dishonest means by which this is happening. In some examples that she shared with me, the previous owners are calling and texting to check in on the animals, so she lies to them. If these people care enough to check up on the animal, they most likely would not have given the animals away if the true intent were known. Sketchy.

Edit: Wow, this ended up being a really controversial topic. For the record, this is a true story. This woman is emotionally unstable, and quite frankly, doesn’t have the mental agility to pull off a prank on this level as some have suggested. I do agree with many of you who have pointed out the possible warning signs of a sociopath, and I will definitely be reporting her. Thank you to all those who PM’d me resources and contact information.

Also, I had never considered the concept of the bait dogs/fighting dogs and I found that to be enlightening as well.  As some have mentioned, the dog fighting rings may be the bigger more prominent threat. There were many comments that mentioned the fee really doesn’t solve the problem, and that solid interviewing and vetting of new owners is a better strategy. I do not disagree. The argument of spaying/neutering pets was also made, and again, I do not disagree. The purpose of this post was not to spark ethical debate about the food chain, or which type of animals should be labeled “food” vs. “pets”. Nor was the purpose of this post to vilify snakes or their responsible owners. This story would have read the same, even if the animal she owned was a Saltwater Crocodile.

My goal in sharing this post was to raise awareness that there are sketchy people out there who are dishonest in their dealings, and who may not have your pet’s best interest at heart. So, whether charging a fee, or conducting more extensive interviews, or spaying/neutering, we can all be a little more responsible with the animals we value, to make sure that they do not needlessly suffer. Hence the LPT.

So I was waiting with some Americans in the hope of Becky coming and taking a picture with us, but to my surprise the only one signing stuff and taking pictures was Carli. She was about to go but I asked her nicely if she would take a picture with me too, and then she did before finally walking away after nearly everyone was in the locker room.❤️

Tucker: *cackling from a distance* nice

The entirety of the Voltron squad: *groaning loudly and booing from a distance*

Another request from @syberfire117! The cheesy pickup line courtesy of @selfconfidentlyconstipated  ewe

About the relationship between Vanitas and Jeanne:

Concerning the newest manga chapter:
-All of this was told from Jeanne’s perspective. We are shown few hints of Vanitas’ true feelings, and from them, I can see he feels there are odd things concerning that date.
-I also feel uncomfortable due the forced het romance between those two, especially after considering their negative interactions. The ship seemed funny at first, but the manga is on its earlier stages now, so it gives the impression of being something rushed (in my point of view).
-Now, I have an idea about what is going on from Vanita’s side.
We know he has guile hero tendencies: his background is tragic and shady, has more knowledge about the events in his world than he lets on (suspects about the Vampire Queen’s true state, the Ball Basque wasn’t his first visit to Altus Paris, the whole Dr. Moreau/Chasseurs Ordeal and the fact he somehow managed to win over the original Vanitas of the Blue Moon), but we get the hint he has genuinely good intentions buried very deep inside him. But Vanitas is a gray character whose tendencies side with the darker side of the mortality spectrum.
Why do we gave this long paragraph behind? Well, I believe Vanitas managed to acknowledge the fact Jeanne has a lack of experience is social matters. Jeanne herself tells this to Dominique when searching for the former’s advice. Vanitas probably guessed it during the introduction of Luca and her, when we are told information about her background: she was used as a war machine, then put to sleep for an undefined amount of time.
There are hints of Jeanne becoming a Curse Bearer and Vanitas has knowledge about them. Lots of bloggers here have stated there is more about their interactions than a simple crush. Jeanne is close to the heads of Vampire Society, took part of a war that shaped the world’s current state and is a formidable fighter.
I believe Vanitas is taking advantage of her naïvety for his own means. He is manipulating Jeanne and she notes something weird is going on, but has a lack of experience to do a further reflection. We see romantic interactions make her flustered, those are new to Jeanne. And that is perfectly normal and OK, she has the right to experience it and feel confused. We don’t know much about the Vampires Vs Humans War, nor about the people Jeanne got to meet there and the relationships she could have developed. While I would have expected a more guile character for such a background, this leads me to guess the was used as a war machine and discarded (read: put to sleep) once her presence was no longer necessary. Jeanne probably never had the chance to grow and mature emotionally. Dominique even acknowledges she is still inexperienced during their dance, that Jeanne is still growing up.
Now, whether Vanitas has authentic feelings for her or not is not something the Vanitas of THIS current moment (who is starting to experience character development) would mix with reaching his long term objetives.
Jun Mochizuki’s stories are deep, complicated and full of plotwists. Her characters have a variety of backgrounds and moral alignments. While I feel Vanitas/Jeanne interactions are kind of forced, I also want to see more of Vanitas’ aims and background, because I don’t believe his character would fall in love so easily with a person he has just meet (a crush is something different).
This is my grain of salt to the matter, whether you all agree or not is a fact we can discuss, but please, I don’t want a bunch of rabid and/or passive-agressive people sending me anon complaints.

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A little controversial, but which one do you think Bucky is? Apple? Samsung? Android? Windows? Another? What about Steve, Sam, and Natasha? (No Stark Tech or Pym Technologies allowed, only real life brands.)

Full disclosure, I’m an Android user, plus my actual headcanon is that they use Stark tech because, honestly, researching computers and phones is one of those necessary evils that come around every few years, but it Bores.Me.To.Tears.

But for the sake of discussion and all that…

I’m only going to address Bucky and phones, because, see above, I’m NOT a tech-head and I have no idea what the benefits vs shortcomings are of Mac vs PC, nor do I have much knowledge even about phones at the moment because I’ve been using my HTC1 M8 for about 2 years now and praying it lasts 5 more, so aside from what I’ve heard in the news about the Note 7′s blowing up, the HTC U11 looking glorious, and that a new iPhone will be coming out eventually, I’m happily clueless.


I do have Thoughts™ on Bucky’s phone choice… and it does come down to that: choice. Because choice is a Big Thing for Bucky.

If Stark tech didn’t exist, I think Bucky would be an Android guy (again, not sure which phone so keeping this discussion on a very general level), mostly because of the matter of choice and cost. Bucky’s very much a product of the Great Depression. I headcanon him as a penny pincher in many ways, though he’s also canonically VERY generous, like dropping a thick roll of cash in the cup of a homeless vet on Christmas kind of generous*…

… so he’s no Scrooge, just very thoughtful about how he spends his money. I see him turning a little pale at the cost of iPhones and being more than a little frustrated that there are no less expensive options (because even used/refurbished iPhones are hella expensive). So he’d check out Android and even if the OS is a little fussier, he’d see the myriad choices of phones, including cheap flip phones, and appreciate not being limited to only one option. (He’s had enough of being limited to only one option…)

There’s also the matter of the “keeping up with the Joneses” reputation of iPhones. Bucky couldn’t care less about that, so that aspect of the iPhone user base might turn him off iPhones.

As for Sam, Nat and Steve… I can’t say other than I hope that at least two of them have iPhones so that there can be epic and hilarious ongoing Discussions and Debates about the merits of each (none of which I will write because I don’t want to do the research required, so go free, plot bunny, to whoever wants you).

*panel is from the Winter Soldier: Winter Kills issue, which should be required reading for every Bucky fan, because it lays out so much detail about the man he becomes post-HYDRA.


Tati’s ‘Mr Hulot’ and Chaplin’s 'Charlot’ are two of a different kind.

Closely observed, Hulot seems to be an inside-out Charlot from every possible angle…

- pipe vs cigarette
- short pants vs way too big pants
- never centered, nor in the frame, nor storywise vs the center of all things going wrongfully
- umbrella vs cane stick
- leaning forward vs leaning backwards
- tall, mannered vs short, trampy

In an interview, Tati himself talked about how he had an inside out Chaplin in mind when creating Hulot.

Michel Chion:
“Hulot is the guy you recognize because he was in the same barracks as you, even though he never became a close friend. He gives you the illusion of familiarity, which really doesn’t exist. He develops into a real person only when you bump into him by accident one night… By creating Hulot, Tati aims to re-establish a distance. From the start, Hulot is someone who exists only in the eyes and mouths of the beholder. He is someone who awakens suspicion or amused attention… Hulot is a blurred man, a passer-by, a Hulotus errans.”

AO3 link here!

SPN Writing Challenge | @loveitsallineed vs. @brinchestiel

Summary: Neither Dean nor Cas thought that simple touch would play such an important role in their lives.

Prompt: Song Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Pairing: Destiel (Dean x Castiel)

Word count: 1305

Warnings: angst, mentions of fist fight, betrayal, lying, some fluff, canon verse, s11 SPN spoilers

Beta: @heyimjustastranger (thank you for help and for assuring me that it’s a good piece of writing

A/N: It’s a bit different than the rest of my work and I hope you’ll like it ;) I have no idea who to tag in Destiel stuff. Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged.

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Touch is an important aspect of every human’s life. Mother embracing her newborn develops a bond with him which lasts forever in most cases. Actually, the whole world revolves around it and it’s amazing how essential it is.

Dean’s relationship with Cas started with a simple touch, too. It all began when angel gripped the hunter’s arm for the first time, rescuing him from hell. His handprint burned into Dean’s skin like a mark. The hunter thought that it was the creature’s way to claim him somehow and it scared the crap out of him. However, it turned out that Castiel wasn’t a monster at all. He was Dean’s savior.

And just like that, the bond between these two started to grow. Even though Cas wasn’t an ally of the Winchesters, he quickly became one, unable to bear the other angels manipulating Sam and Dean. 

Back then, touch was only a way of getting attention for these two. The hunter would grab angel’s arm to make him turn around. Castiel would put a hand on Dean’s mouth to make sure he won’t scream and will understand that he’s not a threat. It wasn’t different for Dean than touching other people, though, even if he thought it would be. 

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