vs lacie

[Piper, Lacy, and Drew are playing capture the flag and are cornered]

Piper: Lacy, Drew… We’re out of luck. Get ready for combat. Today is a good day to die!

Drew: Wait! I think today is actually a good day to retreat. Can’t we push dying to a week from Friday?

Lacy: Yeah, let’s all take dying as an open action item, and come back with suggestions next meeting.

Piper: No! It has to be today.


Today marks the 41st Anniversary of Roe v Wade, the case that made abortion legal here in the US. Underneath all of the myths, stigma and political debate, abortion is a safe medical procedure that’s an important option for a woman to have if she becomes pregnant before she’s ready.


Takahiko Kozuka, Respeto y orgullo || The Ice 2014 (x)

I need a better camera but i think you get my point 😘 Happy #humpday 💙💚💛💜 #vsaddict #lingeriemodel #angelintraining #vs #squatspo #red #bombshell #latinasdoitbetter #lacy #playboy #happythoughts #arsenic #careergoals #futureplaymate #jetset #missjetset #pepumn #uncoverme

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At this point I’m just arguing with them about why they’re not responding to the points I said…

its like…

This whole thing is so pointless? And I’m kind of sick of it. Its just boring like… I’m so bored they’re literally not bringing anything to the table I need a real debate, I haven’t had a real debate since… mubzonline but even that wasn’t much of a debate since he practically told me I was right about everything (even though his blog is still… well racist as fuck..)

Lets start a petition for me to debate Laci Green. That sounds like fun.