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listen…. mercy and pharah absolutely snipe at each other and are always about a quarter of a second away from strangling each other in a non-sexy way

but pharah will DECIMATE anyone who talks shit on mercy, like one time mccree was grumbling b/c mercy wouldn’t give him painkillers (“if you won’t stop drinking long enough to heal, you can heal in pain”) and called her a bitch and Pharah went from “I’m sympathetic b/c that sucks and she does the same to me” to “I’m going to destroy your self esteem, your will to live, and your spleen”

mercy, on the other hand, has so much dirt on everyone that she doesn’t have to do much if they’re rude about pharah. torbjorn complains that Pharah is reckless and her mother would never destroy machinery so willy-nilly and the stupid brat– “torbjorn, are you one to talk about recklessness? Remember when I had to pry your dick out of your turret?” And there are enough witnesses around that someone asks “what???” And torbjorn’s red and trying to shush mercy but she just keeps going, with a sweet smile and gentle, polite titters of laughter

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I can sympathize with you anons, I don't think any of us is looking forward to seeing even more of the CS vs KF struggle + I want to see more Iris/what she's going through/doing , I understand, I hear you, but there's no need to go from 0 to 100 over an article. I think we've gotten good stuff this season, not perfect but I legit love the Iris scenes we've gotten. + Amuzed has made her stance clear. Fine if you don't agree. Just don't try to push your opinion on her blog. Agree to disagree?

Katrina has literally been struggling with the same thing all season and is no closer to a solution. That’s not a SL, that’s dragging shit out for no reason like they are dragging out this Savitar reveal. 

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Not sure where that anon's if it's not Barry or Iris they don't care narrative is coming from. For Barry, sure, everything revolves around him, but I'd say other characters have gotten more this season than Iris. And they sure let other characters talk more about how they feel about what they're going through than Iris. The amount of times C has been allowed to talk about being scared of KF vs Iris about how she feels about possibly dying is. I understand because of making KF redeemable, but sti

Oh absolutely, I think the Iris situation actually exemplifies how much TPTB have gone hard behind a Barry POV this season. 

Obviously he’s the lead and his storyline / perspective will always be at the forefront, but it’s crazy that what on the face of it is a big Iris storyline - her being murdered - has become almost entirely about how it affects Barry, what will happen to Barry without Iris, and what Barry’s going to do to save Iris. I think possibly Anon was saying less that Iris has a huge amount of screentime and storylines, and more that Iris is “protected” because she’s so central to Barry. We all know Barry will tear apart the universe to save Iris, which means everyone else is at more risk.

The comparison really shouldn’t be whether Iris, Caitlin, Cisco, etc. get to talk more than each other. It’s that none of them have fully satisfying storylines, and it largely boils down to “yes, but how does this affect Barry?” I think they’re trying their best with the Killer Frost Caitlin/Cisco/Julian plot, but I feel that story has more questions than answers too, and I’m not wildly hopeful we’ll get a satisfying conclusion.

TPTB have said that Iris will get to kick some ass and be proactive about saving herself. Tbh I’ll believe it when I see it. But it would be great if true.