vs kf


+ KF vs. the boys

+ Tom’s Indiana Jones homage


listen…. mercy and pharah absolutely snipe at each other and are always about a quarter of a second away from strangling each other in a non-sexy way

but pharah will DECIMATE anyone who talks shit on mercy, like one time mccree was grumbling b/c mercy wouldn’t give him painkillers (“if you won’t stop drinking long enough to heal, you can heal in pain”) and called her a bitch and Pharah went from “I’m sympathetic b/c that sucks and she does the same to me” to “I’m going to destroy your self esteem, your will to live, and your spleen”

mercy, on the other hand, has so much dirt on everyone that she doesn’t have to do much if they’re rude about pharah. torbjorn complains that Pharah is reckless and her mother would never destroy machinery so willy-nilly and the stupid brat– “torbjorn, are you one to talk about recklessness? Remember when I had to pry your dick out of your turret?” And there are enough witnesses around that someone asks “what???” And torbjorn’s red and trying to shush mercy but she just keeps going, with a sweet smile and gentle, polite titters of laughter