vs ireland


The “First Cap-First Goal Club” has: McCaffrey, Pugh, Williams…

Then there’s the “First Cap-First & Second Goal + First Assist Club” AKA Christen Press’ Club

mr-burr-sir-49  asked:

Have you ever heard the story of the Ireland vs Scotland football match where the Scottish fans stood up and chanted "we hate England more than you!" at the Irish fans?

I HAVE. And it amuses me more than I can rightly say. XD

in other news my nan’s gone to dublin for the weekend to see the england vs ireland 6 nations rugby game, and she sent a message at 6am to the family group that said ‘At the airport,checked in, first pint of Guinness going down rather well!!!! xxx’ no one ever said my family didn’t know how to have a good time ngl