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The “First Cap-First Goal Club” has: McCaffrey, Pugh, Williams…

Then there’s the “First Cap-First & Second Goal + First Assist Club” AKA Christen Press’ Club

News Alert!

Seamus and Dean more than likely went to the Quidditch World Cup together.

Dean had probably read about all of the most interesting Cups since he first learned of the Magic World’s favorite sport, but thought it impossible that he’d actually be able to see one.

Of course Seamus knew that Dean would love the Ireland vs. Bulgaria match, so he convinced his mother to get an extra ticket when she ordered them, and quickly sent an owl to the Thomas household about ‘having an extra ticket if Dean wanted it no big deal’.

Unfortunately, since the tickets were bought last minute, Mrs. Finnigan was unable to get a bigger tent, so they were stuck trying to sort the three people attending into two bedrooms.

Dean and Seamus would totally act like it was no problem if they had to share a bed, but both of them were slightly overjoyed that they’d be spending the last week or two of summer break in such close proximity, though neither would admit that to the other for years.

And when Ireland won the game, if they partied a little too hard and fell asleep, exhausted in each other’s arms, Mrs. Finnigan wouldn’t mention it but would definitely be shipping her son and his best friend on the down-low, because it was impossible to view the way they looked at one another and feel that it was 100% platonic.