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Out in the Open pt. 3 || Neymar Jr Imagine

The Brazil vs Honduras match played out amazingly. It was a devastating 6-0, and you felt sorry for the other team, but happy for yours. Neymar broke his and the Olympics game record of the fastest goal in history. You were scared to death when you saw him fall and lay on the ground clutching his chest after making the goal. You had stood up from your seat and watched everyone. Even when he got up, he fell back again and you saw him leave in the therapist and you couldn’t handle it. 

You were already starting to move to make your way to the tunnels before you look and watch Neymar already standing up from his place, making you return to your seat. Your eyes watched him carefully, and you frowned when you saw him frequently clutching his chest. If he got injured again after being so close to reaching their goal, you and him would be devastated. Fortunately the match continued normally and Brazil eventually won. The team went to eat out, but you and Neymar stayed in the room. You watched over his ankle and asked him every now and then if he was okay and if his chest hurt, to which he only chuckled and assured you that he was alright. Overprotective? Probably, but you didn’t want anything to happen to him. Not again and definitely not on your watch.

  Today, it was the finale, Germany against Brazil and you were worried. You knew they weren’t the same players that were on the World Cup, and you definitely trusted your Brazil team. They got themselves here with good scores so there was no need for you to worry, but it was still there and you knew you weren’t the only one. You are walking Neymar to the locker rooms, hand in hand. “Davi is coming for the match” he says and you somewhat tense, even when you knew it was going to happen, you were going to meet half of his family in the final match and you were scared to death. “Carol too, and, well, my parents and Rafaella” he adds.

  “So I’m going to be on my own to introduce myself to them?” You ask and chew on your cheek nervously.

  “I wish I could be there, but just introduce yourself and later on we will talk more about it and do it more proper” he assures you, stopping outside the locker room door and turning to face you, “And by that, I mean I will introduce you as my official girlfriend. Rafaella already knows, she will most probably go right up to you and do the rest. I told her to keep an eye on you” he says and you nod her head, looking around nervously still chewing on your cheek. “Hey” Neymar calls and you turn to look at him, “I love you, okay?” You smile softly and when you are about to reply he presses a kiss against your lips which you are more than happy to return.

  “Be careful, and behave” you say once you pull away from the kiss.

 Neymar chuckles, lifting his shoulders in a shrug, “No promises” and with that, he turns and gets inside the locker room. You make your way up to the stands to watch the practice and take your place. His family wasn’t around just yet, so you still had a few moments to calm your nerves.

  People start walking soon enough into the Maracana Stadium, making their chants and blowing their whistles and whatnot while the team goes inside to get ready. As you wait, you scroll through your phone before you hear a voice, “Y/N?” Your Y/E/C eyes lift up to look at the female and you smile shyly as you find yourself looking at Rafaella, and you stand up. “Yep. That’s me” and you regret saying that right away. “I’m Rafaella, Ney’s sister. I’ve heard great things about you from my irmão” she says and holds a hand out for you which you take and shake lightly while your cheeks heat up. 

“I wonder what lies he has said” you say jokingly and she smirks. 

“None I hope” and then her parents walk their way and your heart skips a beat from the nerves. Oh God. You smile as normal as you can to conceal your nerves from showing through your smile as Rafaella introduces you. “She is the girl Neymar is dating” she starts. “She is Y/N. Y/N, well, you already know who they are” she says and you giggle.

  “I do. Nice to meet you Ms. and Mrs. Santos” you say with a nod of your head, extending a hand towards them.

“Nice to meet you too, Y/N. Thank you for being here and supporting our son. We know you have encouraged him as much as we have to get him here after everything” Neymar Sr. says and you grin.

“He is strong, he says he doesn’t mind what people say, but I know he does even if it’s just a little bit. I just encourage him to keep his head up even when he does that already” you say, and somewhat you feel like you ranted those words out.

“Exactly” his mother says, giving you a warm smile which you return. The players start coming out to the field and you turn your gaze there quickly. “Will you be sitting with us?” She questions.

“Oh no. I’m leaving the space for his friends and his family. I’ll be on a higher row” you explain to her.

“You should come sit with us. That way we can get to know our son’s girlfriend better” his father says and you give in.

“Alright” you say and Rafaella smiles at you before they lead you to the VIP stands. Even when you are in the good section, you sit up in a higher row to give them their space, you didn’t want them to think you wanted the best of the best when it came to it. Just before the match started Carolina arrived with Davi and you smile at the little boy. He was cute in pictures and when you heard him over the phone with Neymar, but he was even cuter in person. Carolina was way prettier than you thought and it made you wonder why Neymar put his eyes on you. but you dismissed that thought as soon as the whistle was blown.

  The game started wonderfully, Neymar making his first goal and you were cheering and screaming for him. His father turned around to look at you and you tried to hide yourself with the people in front of you as you sank back down on the seat. You found yourself later on the edge of your seat about the Germany team made a goal and you didn’t know what to feel. The match continued, 2nd time, extra time, and then what you were dreading, the penalties. 

It was Germany the one who start, your hands are on your face, secretly chanting a miss whenever it was Germany’s turn and they did finally in the fourth penalty. You shout and clap, and then, it was Neymar’s turn. “Come on…You got this…” you whisper to yourself as he kisses the ball and places it on the spot. He jogs, takes his small steps before kicking the ball, and the ball goes inside. You jump out of your seat shouting, clapping and jump excitedly, tears forming as you watch Neymar kneel and start crying. This was so important to him, for the fans, and you were too happy for them. Rafaella gave you a small hug before she turned to celebrate with her family. Davi was jumping and cheering for his father and was really happy.  

You watch him go and get ready for the celebration. You decide to pull out your phone and send him a text, he might not see it now, but it didn’t matter, it would be a small surprise.

Text: Congratulations, champion! I knew you could do it and I’m very proud of you! You deserve this more than anyone because this was one of your biggest dreams and you made it! I love you. I’ll see you after the celebration. <3   

You press send and almost right away you get a reply.

Text: Thank you, baby girl, for not losing faith on me. I love you. I’ll see you later.  

Its about ten minutes later when they start to show up on the field. You start taking pictures, watching him and the team as they get in a line to get their medals. You start getting emotional again and your eyes water which makes you wipe away your now falling tears. You cheer when they start getting the golden medals around the Brazilian players neck, screaming to the top of your lungs when Neymar is called. You should be worried that you are acting like the biggest fangirl of him but you were, but you should be hiding that fangirling around his parents. After the anthem, the players started to go around with the fans, friends, showing off their medals and just being their goofy selves. You raise a thumbs up when Thiago, Rodrigo and William pass by. They probably won’t see you, but you’d greet them later since they are supposed to get their Olympic tattoo that they promised that they would do.

  Neymar jumps the cardboard and runs towards the stands you and his family are in. Everyone is patting his shoulder, asking for pictures and you can’t help the smile in your lips because of how happy he was. He stops and when you see him hugging someone, your heart skips a beat. He was hugging Bruna Marquezine. Your heart stopped for a moment because they hugged for too long and people were chanting around them. It might be pointing out the win of the gold medal, but it still felt…awfully strange. You shake your head, and he is still hugging her but after a few seconds he pulls away. Why were you feeling this? Was it the fact that they haven’t seen each other for so long and now she is here and he is hugging her like that? Maybe. It could also be the fact that you were insecure, but that was besides the point. It was maybe a small jealousy moment, it would pass, right? They are still good friends after all.  

He makes his way toward his family who have gone half the way to protect him from the fans. He smiles at Carolina and Davi who is quick to rush over him. He ruffles his hair before moving up two more steps to reach your row and seat, “Congratulations, champion” you say, cupping his face and kissing him proudly. You feel eyes on you, probably his family and Carolina’s and those of the fans.

 "Thank you, amor" Neymar says with a smile. “I’ll take Davi to the field. I’ll see you at the tunnels” he says and you nod your head. You watch him take Davi with him after greeting his family and friends. You take your side purse, wave at his parents and sister, letting them know you’d meet them later on which they agree to and wave back at you. So far so good.  

You waited at the locker room for about twenty minutes, but you didn’t mind it, this was his day after all. You hear the boys coming, and you grin as they are all looking at their medals and talking to each other. “Good job guys” you say and they all thank you, high fiving you as well as hugging you.

 Rafinha though, picked you up in a hug. You were greatful to have him as a friend, and you two became close throughout the days. “You coming with us for the party bus?” He questions.

“There is a party bus?”

“Yeah, we just got to know. We will go change and at night we will go around the city. I think Neymar is coming and if not, you are always welcomed to join us” Rafael says and you smile.

“Thank you, I’ll let you know later on what we will do” you say and he gives you a high five before going to the locker rooms.  

You spot Neymar with Davi walking towards you and you smile brightly. “Sorry we took long. You know the drill” he says as he reaches you.

“I don’t mind. I was talking with the boys” you say.

“Davi, this is Y/N. She is daddy’s new friend and wanted to meet you.”

“Hello Davi. I saw you all excited watching the match.”

“I wanted daddy to win” he says and both of you giggle at his answer.

“Well he did because you wanted that as much as him” you say, and he smiles, resting his head on the crook of Neymar’s neck.

“You coming with us to the party bus tonight? My parents said we could meet up tomorrow or later to talk and everything. They liked you” he said and you blush.

“Its your day. Go have fun with the team. We can plan something later with them before you return to Barcelona” you say with a small shrug.

“We need to talk about that” he says and you nod your head. He leans forward and kisses you real quick. “I’ll take Davi to Carol and then I’m going to the Vila. You can go ahead with the guys if you want. I need to change.”

“Alright. I’ll wait for you in the room” and with that you two go your different ways.  

“Well this is a nice turn of events” Neymar says with amusement. You were waiting for him in the room and you tackled him to the bed when he got inside and sat down to take his sneakers off.

“Thought it would be a nice change” you say with a smirk. His hands rest on your hips and you wrap your arms around his neck as you sit on his lap. “I’m so proud of you” you whisper, caressing his cheek before pressing a kiss against his lips. He flips you, so your back is resting on the bed and him on top. The kiss turns more passionate and more urgent, his hand sliding your shirt up and resting it on the skin of your waist, his other hand holding him up.

“I’m not going” he breathes out before he moves his kisses down your throat and to your neck.

“Its your day, you deserve it. Go have fun…” You manage to say before exposing more of your neck to him and he makes sure to cover it with kisses.

“I want to be with you” he continues and you sigh, for both, his stubbornness and the feeling of his lips against your skin.

“We will be together tomorrow” you assure him, your hand sliding down his back.

“I will go to the volleyball final” he pecks your neck, “and in the morning to get that tattoo” another peck, “and possibly go out with my parents” and then he bites your neck making you squeak and he chuckles.

“Then later tomorrow night? Eventually you have to come here…” You say and he nods his head.

“I’ll figure it out” he says, he kisses your lips again passionately before pulling away, forehead resting against yours, “I love you” he breathes, kissing you one last time before he moves up. “I’ll go get ready” he says and you smile at him, he smiles back with that adorable smile of his before he kisses you one more time and then leaves to the bathroom.

  After Neymar left, you scrolled through your social media, looking at the pictures that the boys posted in the party bus and Neymar taking videos and sending them to you through snapchat of the team singing and him singing you a couple of love songs that made your cheeks turn a soft pink. You fall asleep eventually as you wait for Neymar, the movement of the bed being the one to let you know that your boyfriend was back. As if that wasn’t enough to know, his arms went around your body and pulled you close before kissing your cheek, “Good night, baby girl” he whispers. You were too tired to open your eyes and reply, so you only snuggle against him until the morning.  

“Oh my God, what did you do?” You ask after waking up, looking at a sleepy Neymar who was scrolling through his social media.

 He chuckles, turns off the phone and turns to you, “We promised we’d dye our hair too” he lets you know and you giggle. 

“I would be expecting a World Cup kind of blonde, but not this one. Not at all” you admit with a laugh, running your fingers through his soft, now blonde, hair. He closes his eyes with a hum and pulls you close. 

“You don’t like it?”

“I do, but…I like your other hairstyle better” you say and he smacks your rear playfully, not enough to hurt and you giggle. You let out a yawn, and close your eyes. “Weren’t you going with the boys to get the tattoo?” You question.

“Yeah. In about an hour” he says. “I’ll get up now. Want to get some breakfast?”

“Sure. While you do that, I’ll go shopping to get something nice for when we eat with your parents” you let him know. You turn on the tv while you get up and walk around the room to get your things, the news are talking about the match and how happy everyone was because of the team. You were smiling until the reporter mentioned Bruna and Neymar’s hug and how everyone would’ve thought they were together. You stop to look at the TV with a frown, a video of the moment was displayed. Ever since it happened you had felt some jealousy, but you thought it was a normal thing. That was when they show Neymar mentioning that he’d hug a person if he became a champion, and the people in the show were mentioning that it was Bruna and how there were still some feelings between the two of them.

  Neymar walks out of the bathroom and notices your frown as he buckles his belt. You shake your head and continue getting ready to get some breakfast. The reporter mentions your name and how you were basically the last person Neymar hugged, but of course you were, you were in the last row and the others were in front of you, but they didn’t mention that, they actually made a big deal out of it. What made your blood boil somewhat was when they mentioned that Neymar and Bruna fit well together, and that they didn’t see you two lasting long because you weren’t used to the environment of the paparazzi and whatnot, and you were more like a big, close friend and fan of Neymar.  

Your boyfriend notices your body tensing and walks up to you, you know he is moving closer, and he places his arms around your waist and his chin on your shoulder, “Don’t listen to them. They are making a big deal out of that and its nothing important” he says to you.

“What about hugging that person when you were champion? Pretty sure you didn’t said that to me” you say, and it sounds more rude than you intended it to.

“I did promised her that, but that was long time ago. I didn’t even knew she was coming to the game until she texted me while I was at the locker room getting ready” he explains. “You have nothing to worry about, okay? I chose you. I didn’t hug you first because you were in the last row. My family told you to sit with them” he says.

“I know. I know. I just didn’t want them to think that I already want VIP treatment or anything, and I didn’t want to be awkward around them. I didn’t know what to say…” You admit.

“You were shy” Neymar says with a chuckle and you nod your head. “Well, that will go away if we go eat with them tonight” he says and you nod your head again. The whole Bruna and Neymar topic had you uneasy and unsettled, but you guess it will fade away eventually. “Come on, let’s go eat. Forget the news” he says, taking your hand to lead you to the door.

  Neymar had left and you were now around a mall looking for something nice to wear for the dinner with his family. You find a nice red suit and decide to stick with it and return back to the hotel. You get there and a few hours later, Neymar shows up with his new tattoo, showing it to you before he disappears to shower to get ready for the volleyball final. He wants you to go to the game, but you wanted to give him his space with his friends, so you refuse, he also mentions that eating with his parents would be moved to tomorrow afternoon because his dad had to do some things tonight. You stay at the Vila for the rest of the night since Neymar didn’t want you to leave ever since you two became public. 

After a couple of hours, you decide to turn on the TV while sleep decides to hit you. You watch the news that the Brazil team won in Volleyball too, and they mentioned that Neymar was there. What you weren’t expecting was that Bruna was there as well, and you had to stop yourself from thinking crazy things. So yes, she does have the right to be wherever she wants and everything, but what had you so uneasy was that she was attending the places Neymar went and that didn’t happen before, to your knowledge at least. The next news though, made your heart beat faster and boil your blood.  

Apparently after the game, Neymar, his friends and Bruna went out shopping. They were spotted together shopping. You bit the inside of your cheek anxiously, this was starting to worry you for many reasons. The gossip social medias were already saying that Neymar might have broken up with you, that he and Bruna might go back together. This made you feel insecure and jealous, and with reasons! You leave your phone in the nightstand and turn off the TV, trying to get sleep to distract yourself, but it didn’t work at all. All you could think of was that Neymar maybe was still interested in Bruna, that they might have something going on and that he was cheating on you and you didn’t know what to do or say about the topic.  

After a couple of minutes, Neymar walks in to the room, “Are you awake?” He asks, standing at the front of the bed. You open your eyes and turn to him, and he just smiles.

“Had fun shopping with Bruna?” Is the first thing that leaves your mouth and you instantly regret it.

Neymar looks surprised and frowns right after, “Babe, I can explain” he starts, but you cut him off.

“Yes. Please explain why is she everywhere you go now and are lately being spotted together by ‘coincidence’ ” you say. The jealousy was evident when you had sat up on the bed. They could be friends, yes, but now? Right now? It was all of a sudden and you didn’t know what to think anymore. “You didn’t even told me to go shopping, I could’ve gotten there” you say. You have barely spent time with him because you wanted to give him space to talk and hang with his friends, but not with Bruna. They had history, you didn’t want to lose him and maybe this is why you are acting and insinuating that Bruna is trying to get closer to him again by going everywhere he does all of a sudden.

“Baby girl, I just-” and his phone went off. He sighs and pulls it out, looking at the screen and then back at you.

“Its her, isn’t it?”

Neymar stays silent. You let out a huff before throwing the covers off and getting up from the bed.

Note: Its finally out! I hope you all enjoy it! Feedback is highly appreciated so I know if you guys are liking it so far and whatnot! Who wants a part 4?!


[Friendly Match] Mexico 2-0 vs Honduras |10.09.14.

J. Hernandez 22’

O. Alanis 37’

Summary of my WC2014 experience : day 4

Switzerland 2 vs Ecuador 1

Both teams played so well but Switzerland took it for the win.

You know when you are playing fifa and you slide tackle but its not exactly like you see the players do it? well this is your lucky day.

and yes this goal clearly meant a lot 23 seconds of added time remaining and he put it in.

But basically Switzerland is the king of substitution… Both goals were scored by substitutes Admir Mehmedi and Haris Seferovic as they joined the game.

France 3 vs Honduras 0

They did not play the national anthem… If they did? I did not hear it!

Nasty unnecessary tackles everywhere in this game. A total of 27 Fouls, 7 yellow cards and 1 red card.

Yellow card for you,

yellow for you too

Yellow for everyone

Honduras players: “is that a foot, an ankle, a leg?… I want to match and kick it” the game was distracted by the whistle always going off

meanwhile Goal Line Technology finally makes a breakthrough and somewhere FIFA is gloating like a bread dipped in water. First goal awarded by goal line technology

France broke the yoke of “score first goal by penalty you loose the match”, With Karim Benzema hitting the target after a frustrating first half

Argentina 2 vs Bosnia 1

Bosina stole the heart of the majority and got this massive… support wow!

Before the game could even start… Majority: DIE ARGENTINA DIE CRASH AND BURN

Bosnia did a Marcello so early in the game 


but they scored again and it was good. even if you don’t support them you acknowledge that its a big thing for them, first ever goal in the world cup and their first time.

Then Messi revived himself from the dead in the second half…because first half messi (no comment)

Meanwhile look who came down from the mountain… “Christ the Redeemer Statue” has a day off.

quick credit to all owners of gifs and photos i use. Bring on Day 5


Wednesday | 25.6.14

Argentina 3 vs 2 Nigeria

Bosnia 3 vs 1 Iran

France 0 vs 0 Ecuador

Honduras 0 vs 3 Switzerland

Between the lines ~ Day 14