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I hate to be the one to do this. But like. Y’all know there is a huge difference between Kylo Ren and Adam Driver and between Rey and Daisy Ridley, right? That they aren’t one in the same and if we forget that too much and project Reylo or believe there are Reylo vibes to everything they do and say, that you’re starting to cross closer into Adam x Daisy shipping?

I’ve been seeing more and more content as of late that seems to be increasingly blurring the lines between Reylo edits/posts and what people maybe think are Reylo edits/posts but tend to not do enough to distinguish between the real live actors and the fictional characters. Like posts photoshop the two together but in such a way that makes it seem like it’s more about squeeing over how Adam and Daisy look together then creating a manip to inspire Reylo.

Don’t get me wrong! Photoshopping Adam and Daisy together as like reylo inspiration or a Reylo AU has always been a thing and is a total normal thing to do in fandom. But I’m not sure that that’s what these posts are doing? It’s become unclear in a way that it wasn’t before. And it’s really uncomfy. I mean, maybe a couple on their own wouldn’t have me questioning it but given that it seems to be a widening trend that in my mind might be collapsing the actor/character boundary I think it’s worth pointing out. I think we need a sharper line. 

I’m not trying to get into a discourse about whether is is acceptable to ship real life celebrities. I’m aware enough to know that proclaiming a moral injunction on something like that and behaving as gatekeeper of fandom’s integrity is arrogant nonsense. I just wanna know how people are thinking and approaching Reylo.

Can there please be a scene in Battle for Mewni where Marco is looking at that beach day photo of him and star?? Like we already see that he’s miserable without her. So like. What if he sees the photo like on the counter or whatever and he just stares at it. He stares longingly at the happy, carefree Star in the photo. But his eyes shift to his own face, and he scrunches his brows in confusion. He looks so deliriously happy in this photo, and he remembered how happy he had been that day. It was just a relaxing, fun day at the beach, but it had been one of the most fun days he could remember. He realizes that since Star came into his life, there have been a lot of those kinds of days. Almost every day with Star was one of the best days of his life.

and now I’ll never see her again…and all those special days will be gone forever.

Looking at the photo, Marco had never realized just how he had always looked at Star. He had always looked at her with such happiness, in a way that showed the world that this girl was the most important girl in his life. Looking at his own happy face, he realized he never remembered being this happy; he never remembered a time in his life where someone had made him feel quite the way Star did.

Marcos eyes widened in realization. Oh my gosh…

Suddenly, Marco jumps up and bolts upstairs to his room to fetch his scissors.