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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader is a transguy, so a man in a female body = Bucky x male reader)

Words: 4.379

Warnings: insecurities, angst, fluff

A/N: This is my first post about such a topic and I thank you, anon, for this request. It was quite interesting for me. I hope you will like it! For everyone else: if you don’t like to read something like that, then don’t to it! I don’t want to read any hate about this subject. I’m serious: NO HATE!

Can I please request a transguy reader x Bucky where the reader is shy and believes bucky wouldn’t like him as a guy and he feels insecure when he’s around him. If that makes any sense, can it be angst and fluff. Thankyou


Different, freak, odd, fucked-up, strange, crazy, alien, creature, worthless, unimportant…

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BTS reaction: their gf not shaving anywhere

I always do all of the members, so it’s fine ^^Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me so long xx

A/N: I’m writing this in a ‘girlfriend’ way, simply because it’s less socially acceptable for girls to not shave than men.

Jin: I think he would be slightly negative towards this. Like, if you really didn’t want to, he’d eventually get used to it. But he would prefer if there could be some sort of compromise. Like, he’d try to ask you if you could shave your armpits, and you legs at least during summer at least. Other than that, he wouldn’t care too much.

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Suga: He wouldn’t care much for it. I don’t think so. But he might ask you to shave your armpits if he was taking you out on a fancy date and you were planning on wearing a sleeveless dress. And also if you could shave your armpits and legs if he brought you along as his date to some award show or something like that, with a lot of press around. Other than that, he wouldn’t care enough to even say something about it.

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J-Hope: I think he would be sort of grossed/weirded out by it at first, and be pretty similar to Jin. Like, he’d prefer if you shaved, but would be willing to compromise. And also willing to just let you do you if you really didn’t want to. But with time, he’d get more used to it, and eventually become just like Yoongi.

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Rap Monster: This would depend on your reason. If it was because you were against the society’s standards and wanted to show that you disagreed, he would be all like “yeah, you go jagi! You have my full support!”. But, if you just couldn’t be bothered to do it, he would be more like “okay, I can see why. But can you at least shave sometimes, for special occasions?”.

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Jimin: I think he would be like Hobi, and be slightly grossed out by this. But, he would suck it up and keep quiet. He would reason that you have your reasons, and it’s better to keep quiet and live with it than to accidentally offend you. But, if he wanted to bring you along as his date to some award show or other things like that, he would probably shyly be like “jagi, I know you usually don’t shave, but could you please do it this time?”

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V: He would be exactly like Yoongi in this case. He doesn’t care, except for special occasions like anniversary dates and events with a lot of press. The only thing that would be different is Tae’s reaction after you’ve shaved, as well as when the hairs on your legs have grown out again. “Ah, jagi! you legs are so soft! Like baby dolphins!” vs “yay, you’re all fuzzy again now!”.

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Jungkook: He would probably be the one most against this. Simply because he’s the youngest, and expects girls to shave. So he would try to change your mind until he simply has to accept defeat. Then he’d grumpily let you do what you want. But don’t worry, he would get used to it with time.

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