vs darling


déjà vu: the creepy similarities between 2015 wcqf games 1 and 6 include:

  • starter goalies pulled after giving up three goals in the first period
  • relieving goalies allowed no more goals
  • the hawks rallied to tie the games 3-3
  • duncan keith with the game-winning goals
  • blackhawks won 4-3

2015-16 Goals Game 60/82 (vs Toronto Maple Leafs)

Goal 1: Mashinter
Goal 2: Shaw (Powerplay)
Goal 3: Seabrook (Powerplay)
Goal 4: Panarin (Powerplay)
Goal 5: Kane
Goal 6: Teravainen (Powerplay)
Goal 7: Svedberg
Bonus Gif: Darling’s AMAZING save on Spaling


New Prince of Tennis vs Genius 10: Sanada Genichirou, Professional Echizen’s Minder (also things that sound funny when taken out of context)

iim still laughing abt the “this is really more of an edgeworth thing” video bc like he caNT EVEN SOLVE A PUZZLE WITHOUT HIS HUSBAND LIKE IMAGINE HE CALLS HIM LIKE

“Hello? Yeah hi babe. Mhm. No I’m fine, I didn’t fall off a bridge or get arrested this time. No, I’m actually not in London right now. Haa that’s a funny story actually um. So there was this book? And I’m pretty sure Maya and I are inside it now, how do I have cell service come to think of it- MilES NO I SAID I WAS FINE PLEASE DO NOT CHARTER ANOTHER PLANE. YEAH I’M FINE THAT’S NOT WHY I’M CALLING PLEASE CALM DOWN DEAR PLEASE YOU DON’T HAVE TO COME THAT’S NOT WHY I CALLED. Sheesh yeah I’ll tell you no need to be rude. So I need your help solving this puzzle.”