vs cotton

conversations I’ve had with The Kid that I wasn’t planning to

-tampons, what they are for, why they’re necessarily and why it’s rude to call them gross just because you don’t need them (with a hefty side of TSS and organic vs cotton vs rayon with my dad)

-transgender, gender roles and expectations, reasons why it might happen

-female bodybuilders, why it’s not gross, why people might want to be body builders, discussions about safe exercise and weight lifting, learning to use your mouth filter about other ppl’s looks (hey he’s a kid but there are adults who can’t manage this basic courtesy)

-domestic abuse/ child abuse

-friends with benefits, motives and advantages and disadvantages

-herpes, how you gets them, how they’re treated, how they’re related to cold sores

-abusive friendships, why they’re not really friendships, what needs to change to make them positive, why that won’t happen (my brother helped with this one)

-diseases borne by mosquitoes and why they’re more likely to kill/harm you than a spider 

-mental disorders/mental illness

-synthetic dyes in foods, why they’re problematic and banned in most countries, what they do to the human body 

Week 43 of the #YearOfStitch : Diagonal Leaf Stitch

Ya’ll I’m behind. Boooo to being behind. I’m going to get caught up this week so get your stitching fingers ready!

I think this is a real cute stitch and I think it will come in handy as we enter the holiday season. I can’t wait to see how you use it. 

This is a tiny stitch

Up two


However, I feel like the bottom 4 stitches aren’t thick enough so I went back over them and added a stitch on top of each one…

Here’s how they look as a little border and I added one in cotton vs silk so you can see how that looks

Happy stitching!




spontaneous christmassy haul!  ☃️🎅🏽🎄 went in to get a dress, came out with all of this and no dress lol

i also went with my friend who talked about how she lifts bralettes bc they “so aren’t worth the money for a piece of lace covering ur tit” and i was seriously thinking about confessing to her. it’s still under debate though 🤔

vs pink, cotton on

total: $182.35 :)


💋guess who still hasn’t found her chill guys💋

Cotton On

✨lol the nakeds???✨

Naked3 x1
Naked2 x2
Naked Smoky
Biore Pore Strips
Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette
UD Matte Revolution Lipstick
UD Revolution Lipstick x2
Benefit Porefessional
Naked Skin Liquid Makeup
Lacome La vie est belle Rollerball Perfume
TOTAL: 449.59

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Turquoise
Kendra Scott Oliver Necklace in Silver Drusy
Kendra Scott Dylan Necklace in Black
TOTAL: 195.00

Undies @ 10.50 each x13
Bombshell Perfume
Rollerball Perfume in Pure Seduction and Temptation
VS Angel shirt
TOTAL: 243.50

🔋Cotton On🔋
Charging Card
TOTAL: 19.95

White Floral Shirt
Black Floral Shirt
TOTAL: 131.50

TOTAL: 29.99

💰GRAND TOTAL: 1,069.53💰

💕💕God bless @smokeyandthebandit for coming with and for always being down to rob every store completely blind with me 💕💕

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to stop by and say that I really love seeing your art- your comics are always funny, even if it's sometimes terrible funny, and the art itself is always spectacular. Also, just wondering, what would you recommend focusing on, if you're learning to draw? I know I should focus on the aspects I want to improve but currently that encompasses Everything

I hear you, Anon! Here’s the short answer: everything. That’s what you should focus on. Everything takes practice to draw! But here’s the longer, more helpful answer:

Focus on the basics. Look at tutorials about breaking drawings down into constituent shapes. Like the Magic Bean biz! Hell, practice drawing those basic shapes like boxes and cylinders and pyramid, to train your brain to think spatially.

Focus on the details. Things like cracks in a sidewalk, dents in a car, chipping paint, loose threads, lipstick smudges on teeth, broken shoe laces, tacky necklaces, etc. It adds another layer of reality to your images. And practice means you’ll learn to render them quickly.

Focus on reality. Study how light falls on different materials, like cotton vs. glass. Practice drawing buildings. (This ties into details and basics!) Break animals into shapes. Draw people. Draw lots of people. Draw hands, draw feet, draw noses, they are all terrible and need lots of practice. 

Focus on breaking reality. Combine animals. Exaggerate features. Draw things at impossible angles and then make it work. Blow up ‘camera’ angles. Reduce people to their most basic shapes. Draw weird tiny Trump hands and huge brainiac foreheads and knees that look like tennis balls nailed to rulers.

Focus on finishing things. And focus on letting go. Some pictures fail before you’ve spent five minutes on them. Others will take a lot of time to finish but they’re worth it. And some are best left as loose sketches. Not everything needs to be the Sistine Chapel, yo.

Most importantly, draw a lot. 

The exercise I do the most is super simple and relatively accessible. I get a drawing surface and a drawing implement - sometimes it’s my stupidly expensive fancy tablet, sometimes it’s scratch paper and a bic pencil - and find a place with a flat surface and lots of foot traffic. Draw people as they pass. This usually translates to “go to Starbucks and draw people waiting in line” for me, but if you can’t get out of your house, this website has a LOT to work with. The idea isn’t to record every detail; it’s to train yourself to capture the essentials fast, and to train your brain to identify those.

And as always, my core advice still stands: if you struggle drawing something, google it and draw a metric fuckton of them.