vs cotton

From what I remember (this was from a DC comic compilation my brother owned a million years ago), Superman’s first super suit was made from unraveling his baby clothes (from the rocket ship).  So, canon handweaver Superman.

(I can’t remember if Martha did the weaving or not, but I’m sure she did not let Clark get out of Smallville without knowing how to make, at least, a nice table runner.)

Then, imagine Wonder Woman checking out Superman.  Not because of his physique or whatever, but because she knows weaving.  (It is a master craft of Themyscira, along with spinning, pottery, and metallurgy.)

Imagine Wonder Woman and Superman talking warp and weft, threadcount, wool vs silk vs cotton vs linen, and comparing types of looms.

Imagine Batman taking up knitting (secretly) to try to get in on the craft talk.

conversations I’ve had with The Kid that I wasn’t planning to

-tampons, what they are for, why they’re necessarily and why it’s rude to call them gross just because you don’t need them (with a hefty side of TSS and organic vs cotton vs rayon with my dad)

-transgender, gender roles and expectations, reasons why it might happen

-female bodybuilders, why it’s not gross, why people might want to be body builders, discussions about safe exercise and weight lifting, learning to use your mouth filter about other ppl’s looks (hey he’s a kid but there are adults who can’t manage this basic courtesy)

-domestic abuse/ child abuse

-friends with benefits, motives and advantages and disadvantages

-herpes, how you gets them, how they’re treated, how they’re related to cold sores

-abusive friendships, why they’re not really friendships, what needs to change to make them positive, why that won’t happen (my brother helped with this one)

-diseases borne by mosquitoes and why they’re more likely to kill/harm you than a spider 

-mental disorders/mental illness

-synthetic dyes in foods, why they’re problematic and banned in most countries, what they do to the human body 

Week 43 of the #YearOfStitch : Diagonal Leaf Stitch

Ya’ll I’m behind. Boooo to being behind. I’m going to get caught up this week so get your stitching fingers ready!

I think this is a real cute stitch and I think it will come in handy as we enter the holiday season. I can’t wait to see how you use it. 

This is a tiny stitch

Up two


However, I feel like the bottom 4 stitches aren’t thick enough so I went back over them and added a stitch on top of each one…

Here’s how they look as a little border and I added one in cotton vs silk so you can see how that looks

Happy stitching!




spontaneous christmassy haul!  ☃️🎅🏽🎄 went in to get a dress, came out with all of this and no dress lol

i also went with my friend who talked about how she lifts bralettes bc they “so aren’t worth the money for a piece of lace covering ur tit” and i was seriously thinking about confessing to her. it’s still under debate though 🤔

vs pink, cotton on

total: $182.35 :)