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I am very new to poly.. I met a man and fell in love with him. I've alway had a feeling monogamous relationships weren't for me. My husband doesn't agree. The man I fell in love with wasn't planned. We started talking and being friends and it just happened. How do I make my husband see that I need this. That I love them both and need both of them in my life? He tells me I'm greedy, and acting like a slut.. Any advice would be wonderful.

Ah, slut shaming. The first step in so many non-monogamous arguments. I long for the day that word isn’t an insult. (Off topic. Sorry, I know that wasn’t the reason for your question)

It’s always harder to have the mono vs. poly conversation after a third is already involved. What are your husband’s concerns? That you don’t love him, that you’ll leave him, that he’s not enough for you? Keep in mind that if he is truly wired for monogamy, he may not understand that you have different needs and wants. 

You are going to need to sit with him and have some deep, open conversations. It might get uncomfortable, but you need to address any issues head on. He might be feeling insecure or jealous. Make sure you answer his questions openly and honestly. 

Do a lot of reading. There are some great resources out there. The Ethical Slut, More Than Two, Opening Up are just a few off the top of my head.  

It’s not going to be easy, but it will get easier over time. Good luck and let me know how things turn out. 

send me a crystal and i'll tell...
  • abalone: what kind of situations compromise my muse emotionally
  • aegerine: my muse's opinion of the supernatural
  • agate: how my muse calms down
  • blue lace agate: my muse's favorite form of communication (verbal, letters, texting, etc.)
  • fire agate: if my muse is brave or cowardly
  • moss agate: if my muse has a high or low opinion of themself
  • amazonite: what kind of situations call for my muse to be dishonest
  • amethyst: what my muse would most like to be able to shape-shift into
  • ammolite: how lucky or unlucky my use is
  • angel aura quartz: my muse's opinion of LGBT+ issues
  • apache tears: a sadness headcanon
  • apatite: a headcanon about my muse's intuition
  • apophyllite: my muse's religious/spiritual beliefs
  • aquamarine: where my muse feels most calm/relaxed
  • biotite: the biggest problems my muse is currently dealing with
  • bloodstone: how my muse sees themself as part of the world at large
  • calcite: my muse's social tendencies (introverted vs extroverted, parties vs one-on-one conversations, etc.)
  • carnelian: an art-related headcanon
  • celestite: how my muse deals with anxiety
  • chalcedony: the saddest my muse has ever been
  • chalcopyrite: how my muse deals with ending relationships
  • charoite: who my muse looks up to
  • chrysocolla: a money-making headcanon
  • copper: how I think my muse will end up when they're older
  • coral: how my muse views the natural world
  • diamond: a sex headcanon
  • dolomite: a sleep headcanon
  • emerald: how my muse tells someone they love them without words
  • fluorite: what my muse's room looks like
  • fossil: what my muse's dream job is
  • galena: what it's like to be in a relationship with my muse
  • garnet: what my muse's perfect partner would be
  • gold: my muse's financial situation
  • hematite: how squeamish my muse is
  • hiddenite: how much of an "inner child" my muse has
  • iolite: my muse's drinking habits
  • jade: if my muse would ever cheat on a partner
  • jasper: what my muse would be like as a parent
  • kyanite: an anger headcanon
  • lapis lazuli: where 'home' is to my muse
  • lodestone: what kind of people gravitate towards my muse
  • malachite: what my muse as a child thought they would be when they grew up
  • mica: what my muse views as their worst personality trait
  • moonstone: my muse's opinions on outer space
  • mother of pearl: if my muse tends to lift people up or bring them down
  • nebula stone: how good my muse's memory is
  • obsidian: which of the seven deadly sins my muse would be
  • opal: how creative my muse is
  • pearl: a mental health headcanon
  • petalite: what my muse would do if they found a wallet on the street
  • pyrite: a physical health headcanon
  • quartz: how my muse thinks other people see them
  • rhodonite: if my muse prefers elegance or convenience
  • rubellite: if my muse has any 'triggers' that inspire painful memories
  • ruby: a happiness headcanon
  • sapphire: if everyone my muse knew was hanging off a cliff and they could only choose three to save, the rest certainly dying, who they would choose
  • serpentine: how my muse would seduce another [alt: how my muse makes their money]
  • silver: if my muse prefers masculinity or femininity
  • tsavorite: if my muse believes in destiny or fate
  • ulexite: how empathetic/sympathetic/compassionate my muse is
  • unakite: what my muse's ideal pet would be
  • verdite: my muse's ethnicity/family history
  • zebra stone: what gets my muse excited
  • zoisite: does my muse believe everything's going to work out for them in the end or not?
  • INTP: Did you know that INTPs have the highest IQ out of all personality types?
  • ENTP: Those are just statistics. That doesn't mean you're that smart.
  • Later
  • INTP: Did you know that ENTPs are the most likely to be a psychopath?
  • ENTP: Yay! I'm a phsycopath!
  • INTP: That's just a statistic. That doesn't mean you're that phsycopathic.
  • ENTP: Shut up INTP.

Please give me a game with all the Themis Law Academy brats. ;3;


Ok I’m pretty proud of this one. The painting and gluing was easy, but the horns were a challenge. I needed something moldable, lightweight, and able to strongly attach the the shoes (aka glue wasn’t gunna cut it). 

SOLTUION: I found these doll eyeball things that come with a little disc to secure them. I molded the horn (crayola model magic) around the eyeball, shoved the screw part through a little hole I made in the shoe, and secured it with the disc! Good job amanda, u so smart. 

I’ve said it countless times in my tags already and one post, but a week later and I’m still thrilled about Takasugi returning in his old uniform, and even more so today with the new chapter.

It’s not uncommon for war veterans to hang onto their old uniforms and other items for nostalgic reasons. Now, I’m not entirely sure if it’s the exact same outfit because Takasugi seemed to drift here and there after the war, even landing himself in prison for a time, so who knows how much he lost/got rid of or where his personal possessions were kept until stable circumstances arose. But we do know he carried his schoolbook from Shouyou, so there’s no reason why he can’t still have his old uniform. That said, I know of very few people in their late 20s/early 30s of various body sizes who can still wear clothing from their teen years (because we’re changing all the time). It’s not impossible, though. Takasugi obviously didn’t grow too tall for it (sorry, Shinsuke, you know I love you). Still, even if it isn’t the same outfit, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find similar clothing (and it’s not like he only owns the same outfit with a butterfly motif). Anyway, new or old, it hardly matters when the impact is the same.

Yes, it seems like he’s reliving his youth a bit, but he’s never looked back on the past with much fondness because of Shouyou’s death. He has been, mentally and emotionally, stuck in time for a decade, unable to move on in the way Gintoki and Katsura could. I see the donning of his old uniform as a visual symbol of rebirth; of restarting from that point where everything went to hell.

Wearing his old uniform can also help raise the morale of his troops (I’ve said this enough already, but morale is key in war; Katsura wearing something similar to his battle days would also serve the same purpose). The Kiheitai have been through a lot, shaken and scattered shortly after the Shogun Assassination arc with their leader thrown into a comatose state. Seeing him revived on Rakuyou definitely inspired them, but I’m thinking about how they must feel now, seeing their respected and feared commander wearing his old war uniform from bygone days. That youthful spirit rekindled; the fire burning ever brighter. They are surely more energetic now than ever! Heck, I know I am.

Takasugi seems at ease with his old uniform because I’m sure looking at it now and then during the last ten years or so was too painful. It obviously would have brought back not only unpleasant battle memories but also the memory of that fateful day. All these memories must still hurt, but he’s got his second wind now. He’s had enough closure to carry on and continue to lead the Kiheitai toward the future they desire.

As for me, I can’t stop grinning at last week’s chapter ending and through this week’s chapter (more Kiheitai back story is something I’ve badly wanted). None of it is embarrassing for me. I am filled with nothing but pride for Takasugi. When I see his hell-raising grin (chills), storming through enemies like a demon after crashing onto the scene, his reappearance no less than the glorious return of a king…I’M LIVING. I’m ridiculously happy. I’m celebrating! He’s with the Kiheitai. He’s with Sakamoto and Katsura. And, eventually, he’ll probably be reunited with Gintoki again and I’ll be over the moon at that point.

Movie Making
  • INTP and ENFP are deciding on a title for their short film.
  • ENFP: So it has to do with the cute romance scene and the surprise at the end.
  • INTP: Right, well I liked your option Something Wonderful.
  • ENFP: Really? Why not Sweet Surprise?
  • INTP: No. That's cheesy.
  • ENFP: Oh, come on, it's cute and the girl could be the sweet surprise.
  • INTP: No, I would never think that, I would be suspicious.
  • ENFP: That's because you're you. You don't understand it. It does not compute.
  • INTP: Fair enough.
In the Crypts - Version 2 &3

I played around a bit more with my imagined versions of the conversation Jon & Littlefinger have in the crypts that would lead to Jon getting violently angry. 

These versions play with the idea that Littlefinger’s voiceover in the trailer was not being said to Sansa but to Jon. Which makes it sound like he is mocking Jon a bit. 

Let me know how you think the convo will go! I’m really torn on what could be said. 

All versions start the same. 

Jon and Sansa are in the crypts honoring their dead family. Sansa is very sad. Jon comforts her. They have an unexpected intimate moment near Lyanna’s statue. Sansa is stunned and walks/runs off. Littlefinger chooses this moment to roll up on Jon. As stated before this is enough of a reason to get you slammed by someone who’s been through what Jon has…oh well…here goes the conversation…

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>take this to your grave:</b> open beer cans spilled on couches, crowdsurfing, tattoos on biceps, fighting about Vans vs. Converse, broken drumsticks, jumping off stages, cigarette lighters, ramen noodles.<p/><b>from under the cork tree:</b> camera flashes, dubiously acquired Ritalin, group therapy sessions, jeans unzipped in back closets, cheap alcohol, eyeliner streaks<p/><b>infinity on high:</b> freeway driving, ex-girlfriends, juvenile laughter, messy hair, political awakenings, spiral notebooks, sunglasses at night, eighteen and over clubs.<p/><b>folie a deux:</b> broken synth machines, nightclub bathrooms, cocaine on credit cards, burning American flags, boxes of hair dye, relapse and recovery, bulletproof vests, tour bus engines, goodbyes.<p/><b>save rock and roll:</b> city skylines, fresh faces, controlled explosions, espresso bottles, luxury homes, red carpets, holding on to things that are lost, xanax tablets.<p/><b>american beauty/american psycho:</b> manicured lawns, bloodstained marble floors, sneaking out to concerts, the suburbs, leaving home, sex in cars, divine revenge, coming clean.<p/><b></b> <p/></p><p/></p>
Tokyo Ghoul:Re Chapter 113 Reaction

Nico Joins The Battle.

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Suzuya Vs. Uta.

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Kaneki And Amon Conversation Flashback.

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Ayato’s Speech To Kaneki.

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But Ayato Uses The “Touka Is Waiting” Card.

Kurona And Takizawa Is Gonna Take Care Of Amon.

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Mutsuki Catches Uta And Begins To Stab Him (There Is Also A Heart In Mutsuki’s Eye).

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Uta Changes His Face To Haises.

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