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Could you please tell your followers to vote for the boys here: " popcrush*com/exo-vs-one-direction-2017-summer-fan-showdown-semi-final-round/ " we are losing and we only have until Friday to vote! Technically you can only vote once per hour, but if you vote in an anon/private window, close it, then open it again, your vote counts every time you do it (ps.: refreshing doesnt count, you must close and re-open the window, both on computer and phone) THANKS <3



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Look 1: @romeestrijd for Resort 18 Collection, Painted Heart. #ZimResort18 #PaintedHeart #zimmermann

マリン総合情報‏ @Marine_ENT (2017.06.17)
声優DVD企画  人狼バトル~人狼VS魔法使い~


[出演] 市川太一/梅原裕一郎/榎木淳弥/白井悠介/土岐隼一/仲村宗悟/野上翔/花江夏樹/古川慎/八代拓/山谷祥生


※ 現在、好評予約受付中!#人狼バトル

Seiyuu DVD Project Werewolf Battle ~Werewolves VS Sorcerers~

[Scheduled Day of Sale]

[Starring] Ichikawa Taichi / Umehara Yuichiro / Enoki Junya / Shirai Yusuke / Toki Shunichi / Nogami Sho / Hanae Natsuki / Furukawa Makoto / Yashiro Taku / Yamaya Yoshitaka

Who will survive–?

※ Currently, people are pre-ordering like no one’s business! #人狼バトル