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Fanon vs Canon: Japan
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NEW FRIEND UNLOCKED! "COUNTRY NAME" HAS GAINED NEW FRIEND: BABY OWL! How would the allies react to these words appearing sparkling over their head as an announcer voice says the words? I hope this make sense, like in a video game when you get an ally or new item. This would be after the baby owl bringing in a flower ask.

And the owl saga continues! -Admins Sarah and Jay

Alfred would be beyond stoked. Having the large letters appear above his head would send him into a fit of giggles as he smiles brightly at the owl. He would excitedly help the owl put together a little nest by his bed as he introduces him to all of his other friends. Though once everything calms down he would sit across from the owl and fix his glasses as he goes through a list of sidekick names. All based off of heroes and comic books, of course. In the end he would be so happy to have a little bird companion. 

England: “Y-You came back?…and to stay?”
Arthur would be so happy to have something come back to him and want to stay. He would be blushing, but as soon as the letters appeared he would jump and glance around to see if Alfred was pranking him. Though once the letters faded and the owl was still there, and there was no loud American screaming “Got ya!” he would relax and smile as he shows the little owl to its nest that was never touched or moved. (He was hoping the owl would come back…) As the night goes on, he would sit by the owl’s nest and read with a cup of tea as he crumbles up some biscuits for the owl to snack on.

France: “W-What?…Oh. It’s you..!”
Francis would be confused, especially since he doesn’t often play any sort of video games, so as soon as he saw glittery words over his head he’d get ready to either 1. Blame Arthur, or 2. Ask Arthur what was happening. As soon as he saw the little owl he would calm down, before blinking a few times as his brain tries to understand what just happened. He’d eventually just pick up his new friend and carry it around on his shoulder. Time to brag to Gilbert that his bird is prettier than Gilbird.

Canada: “Oh!..Hey there little guy..!”
Matthew wouldn’t be bothered much by the large letters, but be very excited when he saw his little owl friend again. “You mean I can keep you?!…” He’d be happy to have another friend. Maybe his little owl would get along with Kumajro! Matthew doesn’t have many friends, so he takes pleasure in having pets to talk too, or play with, so having another pet of his own would make him super happy. Especially one so cute!

Russia: “You are coming back to me?…To stay?…”
Ivan would be..shocked, at first. He wouldn’t expect to see this owl again, yet alone keep him…or have the owl pick him. He’s used to people, and most animals, being scared of him, or not liking him, so the fact that an animal, especially one so small and sweet would pick him, would make Ivan want to cry a little bit.

China: “Oh! You’re staying? I still have your nest!”
Yao would be so happy to have the little owl back. While the owl was gone, he would have made a lot of little toys and decorations for its nest in hopes it would return. Though as the letters pop up, he would jump and look around before smiling as he gently pets the owl. He would be too happy to care about the voice or the letters, because he would have company again. And cute company on top of that.

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Prussia: “No body beats my awesome little birdie! Gilbird is the best friend and birdie ever!”