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*in combat class*

Glynda: Next fight is Eddie vs Cardin.

Eddie: lets get this over with.

Cardin: Im about to turn this guy into new boots and belt.

*3 minutes later*

Glynda: Cardin now has 1 arm broken and third degree burns on his..


Glynda…..He is alive.

Ozpin: Then everything is fine.
*sips coffee*

anonymous asked:

tyler hoechlin played baseball today? did you go see the game? did you have fun? c:

I did! Tyler Hoechlin was one of the guests at the Dodgers vs. Cardinals game today, at a special mini game before the Dodgers game. There were a bunch of other celebrities there too also playing. 

It was a great experience! Hoechlin was just radiating joy and happiness the whole time. He was one of the only ones wearing high knee socks, and he also brought this huge athletic bag to the game, and while most of the other celebrities were hanging out and talking, Hoechlin was stretching and doing arm circles and getting ready. He was just grinning the entire time, and was bouncing in his steps, sometimes just darting backwards (instead of turning around and running that way) to move around. 

Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds) was also there, and he played on the opposing team, so there were some silly Derek vs Derek moments, although once they did this bro-fist-bump after a play which was super cute. 

Hoechlin’s talent at baseball was very clear on the field, especially his passion and love for the game. A few times he called over other players on his team to give them tips and wave them in certain directions, and he was super supportive of his team (and the opposing!), clapping whenever they caught the ball or did a great play.

Hoechlin scored the first home run of the game, and also throughout scored three home runs, including the home run that ended the game and basically winning for his team. He was named one of the MVPs of the game and was invited to throw the opening pitch for the following Dodgers game. 

All in all, a ton of fun and it was great to see Hoechlin in his element. I waved at him once. He waved back with this huge smile and I was just immobilized for a long while. 

photos from my twitter:

Jordin Sparks with a powerful, silent protest while performing the national anthem at tonight’s Cowboys vs. Cardinals game. 

”Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Help people who are in trouble. Stand up for what you know is right, and judge all people fairly. Protect the rights of the poor and those who need help.”Proverbs‬ ‭31:8-9