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The Dungeons & Dragons supplement Tome of Magic is widely believed to contain the most poorly-designed character classes for Revised 3rd Edition, among them the nigh-impossible-to-play Truenamer.

We are not here, however, to discuss its mechanical failings.

We are here to discuss the fact that it contains a spell that literally creates the fucking Nega-Scott from Scott Pilgrim.

I love Dungeons & Dragons. (Also, @titleknown.)

Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone’s support we’re at 117%!!!! I can’t still properly express in words what I’ve been feeling these days, it’s a huge mixture of complete joy, being thrilled and smily all the time and just happiness to have such a supportive community! Virgo is now a reality, and I am just completely and utterly happy that I could share this moment with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I got a super cool game to make! However, we still have 21 days to come, so these are some of the Stretch Goals! I hope you’ll like them!

  • Crafting System: You’ll be able to gather Materials along your travels and Recipes to craft not only new weapons and armor but also Aspects to customize your equipment! As seen in the demo, each piece of Equipment gives you a new skill, but with the craftable Aspects, you’ll be able to mix and match skills equiped, creating a new range of equipments to better suit your needs. Maybe you want to use Reckoning with your scythe? No problem, you can set a Trine Aspect  for that! Other than customization, you’ll be able to upgrade your preferred equipment to use them throughout the whole game without losing power! Both rare Materials and Recipes will be found around the world, making the exploration even more exciting to craft new and mysterious items!(I’ll go further on the Aspects as soon as we unlock this Stretch Goal!)

  • Zodiac Memories: With the Zodiac Memories, you’ll have a system in which you can unlock Conversations with other Zodiacs that happened in the past. These conversations are unlocked with special tokens found throught the world! Not only conversations, you’ll also be able to access Virgo’s visions, to understand their lore and past deeply! This will feature all the Zodiac signs!

  • Friend System: With the Friend System you’ll be able to befriend some NPCs like Frans Beyond or even the Snowmen in Capricorn’s lands to customize your Hub Town (the Akasha) to unlock their services as extra features such as Stores or new Black Hole segments! The friend system will be pretty similar to the Persona series, linked to your stat choices but also linked to exploration, such as finding all the places someone has appeared and talking to them each time so that they’ll follow you to the Hub! Each NPC will have their own ways, that will be hinted through the story, but some others might be a secret!

As soon as we unlock the Stretch Goals I’ll be releasing more, and maybe, perhaps get to those almighty… Console Port Stretch Goals? (Virgo in Switch? Xbox One? PS4? Might be a reality!!)