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Even royalty needs a vacation!

My friend was doing some Butterfly family beach comics on Instagram and I couldn’t resist.

Also, thanks for the 3.2k+ followers. Literally a week before, I had 1.8k! So, thanks so much for the continued support. :>


170930 BTS Sinchon/Myungdong Fansign - Jungkook

Q: To the 21-year-old adult Kookie, you were sad because you couldn’t drink alcohol on the boat back in Hawaii, then what about in Korea…?ㅋㅋ

1. Just soju vs. fruit soju ( 2 bottles ) Drink capacity?
2. Korean beer vs. imported beer → Kloud ( 5 big cans ) Drink capacity?
3. Wine vs. Cocktail vs. Sparkling wine → Champagne 

(Jungkook also said he liked Chumchurum (처음처럼) soju and for Kloud it’s the big can type. Kloud has 2 types of canned beer: 355ml & 500ml. Fruit soju has lower alcohol degree than normal soju.)

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