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  • Janna: Do you ever just want to gently place your hands on someone’s cheeks, hold their head in your hands, and look into their eyes…
  • Janna: And then violently jerk their head and snap their neck?
  • Marco: Well, that took an unexpected turn.
  • Jackie: So did their neck.
  • Star: I’m dying!
  • Tom: So are they.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I would like some help in the description of a character with anger issues. I't has been difficult than I expected, so every advice is welcome :)

Hiya! Thanks so much for your question! Character description can be difficult. Especially for areas we may not be too familiar with.

How to Show a Character with Anger Issues

There are a few things to consider here: behavior, self-description, and outside perspective.


People with anger issues tend to have short tempers. The slightest things can set them off. You need to consider how angry this person gets, and how they vent their anger. Do they yell a lot? Do they get physically aggressive?

Always remember, show don’t tell. Show them being angry. Angry body language includes, but is not limited to: tight lips, clenched jaw, redness in face, rapid motion or breath, stiff posture, shaking, raised voice, jabbing towards someone, etc.


If you’re writing from their POV, describe how they feel. Are they aware of their anger issues? This is also where you can really get into showing their anger. The character might feel their body heat up, their thoughts will be running a mile a minute (or be incomplete), fantasies of hurting someone or something will fill their head, or they might see red.

Don’t forget to show the cool down as well. As the endorphins wear off, their muscles will loosen up, their body will cool down, and their breathing will return to normal. Is the character remorseful for their actions? Or do they feel better for letting their emotions out? Maybe your character doesn’t cool down, but instead goes on a rampage that is never ending.

Outside Perspective

It’s also important to have the other characters around the angry one react to their actions. Are they scared? Are they encouraging them? Unless it’s the first time this character has raged, others will be aware of their anger issues. They might be timid around them or avoid them altogether.

If a character is unfortunate enough to get caught in the path of the angry person, show their reaction. More than likely, they’ll be afraid of this person. Body language for fear includes, but is not limited to: pale face, trembling lip, speech tremors, covering face and body with their arms, avoiding eye contact, sweating, etc. Also remember “fight or flight” response. Not everyone’s immediate reaction will be to run away in fear. Some may want to fight or yell back.

Thanks again for your question! If you need help with anything else writing-related, feel free to send in another ask. Happy writing!

- Mod Kellie

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