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Here, in case I haven’t quite driven the point home:

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Okay listen. We, viewers, are basically Clarke, i. e. we see everything from her point of view BUT Clarke is us in a way. Let alone the fact we know for certain Belamy and co made it to the Ark and she doesn't, she could be... thinking... about Bellamy with either Raven or Echo. It just hit me and I'm a mess.

I actually disagree that this is something Clarke would think too much about for many reasons, but here are two. Firstly because Clarke has never been possessive over Bellamy’s attention. I mean, the girl carved his old girlfriend’s name onto her rifle. She just– loves him, and whatever makes him happy, she’s fine with. Secondly, I don’t think Clarke consciously has very strong romantic/sexual feelings towards Bellamy, at this point. That’s why I think this time jump is a huge opportunity. 

You know when you’re childhood friends with someone, they move away for a while, and it’s like, you get this whole new perspective on them when you meet them again? This could totally happen here. Clarke and Bellamy have up until this point been stuck in a platonic co-leaders role to each other out of necessity. But for 6 years, they weren’t. So when they reunite, they no longer have that established dynamic. It opens the door for the relationship to be redefined in some other way. Which could be amazing!