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Caitlin!!!! who hurt her? who am I hating right now? why isn't she at the hospital??

The episode description seems to indicate Gypsy, though it could be Abra Kadabra I guess, those descriptions can’t be trusted. Or it could be a Gypsy (and some team Flash members I guess or did they all went out for coffee when it happened?) vs Abra K battle and she’s hurt because of some lost blast. If our local speedsters were around though I’m side eyeing them, where’s that speed of yours boyz. 

I assume she isn’t at the hospital because the doctors there would remove her necklace and Frosty Caity would then come out to play but really they could just talk to someone, it’s not like metas are a secret. “Don’t remove her necklace or you’ll all die” “Sorry can’t do it’s hospital policy, no jewellery”. Meh. They could have gotten Harry which would literally take 15 seconds, breach Cait to E38 with Dr Alex Danvers giving me my #BioLove ship, which would also take 15 seconds but well, we can’t have logic now can we. CSI Juju it is. Also Cait looks conscious on the photos so I guess she’ll guide them. Or be a terrible patient like doctors usually are in TV shows. I am fine with both tbh.

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I think that the comments Gwen made on that Chris vs RJ battle and Blake's reaction were funny at first but she doesn't know when to stop.. like her last comment wasn't that funny, & I'm pretty sure she'll keep doing this same "joke" on the knockouts and the lives until it gets weird ... I mean Chris has a fiancee.. ffs It's just like the makeovers and her obsession with teens. She doesn't know when to stop. Hope I'm wrong but knowing Gwen it'll just get worse.

Maybe instead of just fishing for things to complain about Gwen, you could listen to what she actually said. I think Chris’s fiancee would be excited that one of the most talented and most famous performers in the world was impressed by her future husband’s stage presence, and be professional and mature enough to recognize that’s all Gwen was saying, and the rest was Adam and Blake picking up on the phrasing of it and bantering about it for the sake of the audience and cameras. 

I loved it just like I love all the other things she thinks and does that you find weird. 

five random facts

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  1. i’m a good foot taller than my grandmother but if you ask her, i’m “the elf”
  2. i’ll read anyone’s tarot for a case of coca-cola (or virtually any pink vodka, i’m flexible)
  3. i make a lot of self-deprecating jokes about my vision and i am the only person in the world who is allowed to do this, assholes
  4. i crave physical and romantic affection but i’m so private about it that i’ll never say it out loud
  5. when i’m a moderately famous author i plan to petition to get on lip sync battle vs. george rr martin

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Voting Gauntlet Round 2

Ephraim vs. Chrom

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Lucina vs. Eirika

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