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AtlantaFalcons: Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you to everyone who supports us! We’re so happy for our city. This Brotherhood is such a beautiful thing. We could definitely feel YOUR passion in the stadium, around this beautiful city, and across the globe! To all the supporters who have been with us since the beginning: we thank you. To everyone who just started riding with us, we’re more than happy to have you. Rise Up, everyone! There’s still work to be done!

Greatest comeback of all time.
Greatest QB of all time.
Greatest HEAD COACH of all time.


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Can you do a Chris Evans drabble where youre at the Pats Super Bowl and both you and Chris say at the same time "Im too sober for this" and he falls in love even more with you. Thank you!

Request: can you do a Chris Evans drabble where youre at the Pats Super Bowl and both you and Chris say at the same time “Im too sober for this” and he falls in love even more with you. Thank you!

Chris Evans X Reader

Word Count: 1514

5. “I’m too sober for this.”

Drabble list http://evansmantics.tumblr.com/post/164764067246/drabble-challenge

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, some language

Disclaimer: Gifs not mine

True to his word Steve returned five minutes later, dressed and ready to go. He wore his usual Pats’ shirt, jeans and, a navy blue cap and white sneakers. 

“Are you read to go?“ you asked

“Yeah. Let’s go. Traffic must be horrible.“ he said, taking his keys. “You have the tickets, right?“

“For the second time, yes“ you said.

“Okay. Let’s go“

There were women, old people, and children walking in a line towards the stadium. Fans of both teams were thrilled for the final of the Super Bowl. They all were there for the game of the year.

Chris, one of his best friends and you sat down close to the field. A couple of minutes later, the game started: New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons. At the very start, the Falcons were winning for very little. 

“Oh fuck! C’mon, dude!“ Chris cried out. “This is very stressful.“

“That was so close! Damn it!“ you said. 

The audience were stressed as well, most of them were screaming and drinking beer. After the halftime, the Falcons were still winning. Chris took his empty glass of beer at the same time as you did and looked at each other.

“I’m too sober for this.” you and he said at the same time.

Chris laughed.

“Oh God, I think I just fell more in love with you.“ he said and kissed you.

“We’re so for each other, babe“ you said. “But I really need another beer.“

“So do I. I’ll go. Stay here and stay tuned just in case.“ he said.

“Yes, sir.“ 

 At the end of the game, The Pats won, and Chris were the first one to stand up and scream a big “yes!“

Very Irritating Prats  part II

Summary: You are the Boston New England patriots’s coach. As Chris Evans is great fan of the team, you must meet him time to time as VIP. And you don’ like him at all. And he wants something from you. You’re not giving it to him for free.

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings : smut, NSFW, 

Genre: fanfiction, reader x chris evans

Rating: 18+

A/N: This is going to be soo BAAD guys. And you’ll love it.


“Hey Buzz..” you spoke to your friend, when he took shower after the trainning the other day Chris Evans came. The advantage of this job was,  that you saw perfect bodies of perfectly built men every day. They weren’t ashamed. Or shy. Afterall, you were their “mommy”. They would never try nothing on you. Some of them tried hit on you when drunk, but everyone forgott about it. 

Buzz was friend, maybe because he was gay. Boys mostly did know, he had to fight the place between them, make them to respect him, but after some time, they did. He didn’t hit on anyone of them, so they were shy more likely in front of him, than in front of you. They liked him also because he wasn’t classic gay, he was proper bear gay, so at the first look no one would guess for him to be gay. He was last one in the shower. As usual.

He mummed and you leaned back to a glass of his cubicle. 

“You know, yesterday there was this…”

“Captain america?” you heard, he chuckled “Yeah, he asked about you before.”

“How? When? You told him something?!” you freaked out. You didn’t want Chris Evans knew anything about you. Not from boys from team, not from anyone. Sneaking little prat. 

“Relax, (Y/N).. he asked, if you can do workout plan. And how do you work with us..” he went out the cabicle, wraped in towel. He seemed amused.

“I don’t like him.” 

“Oh I do…” he purred. You gave him your best *I need to vomit* look and he laughed “He asked you about that, didn’t he?” 

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