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i just wanna say @ all my readers, I’m sorry things have been so slow on the update front. i was out of town twice in the last month (which makes 4 times in the last two months) and i got home more burnt out than expected. that + anxiety over this whole job process has pushed me a lot more toward the ‘maladaptive daydreaming’ end of the creativity spectrum instead of actually putting stuff to page.

on the upside, the next chapter of Needs Must has actually been done for a few days and is already over 1k longer than any other chapter (i legit might cut off the last scene if the chapter gets any longer in the editing process). 

i’ve also finally started to cycle back to These Violent Delights and put work into deciding how the next clusterfuck of events is going to unfold, since there’s so many delicious possibilities. spoiler alert (seriously): len finally gets to shoot someone. and no, it definitely won’t be anyone you’re thinking.

on the daydreaming front, i’ve done a full mental redux of Needs Must and imagined what would happen if a similar (though it would have to be slightly different because the ‘mortal enemy’ thing) curse hit Len instead of Barry and forced them into a similar situation. it would be angstier and Len’s self-worth issues would freaking skyrocket, lemme tell you. It’s a lot less soul-crushing this way even with the angst that exists, but it was a pretty fun mental exercise.

also on the daydreaming front…. vampires. and demons? and demonic possession? not something i’m likely to write an AU of at any point in the near future really but gosh do I love these tropes. I’d be more likely to write smutty original fiction based on them because I love supernatural / urban fantasy worldbuilding but… that’s where my head’s been at, and those darker themes are definitely conducive to working on These Violent Delights so there’s that.

and… that’s all from me. i’ll attempt to get some chapters out for you soon now that i’m getting back into normalcy (or an approximation of it). i’m also busy as heck tomorrow so maybe don’t expect it till wednesday unless something magical happens tonight with my energy level.

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                                                          and responsibility.” 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! So, does this mean that Sam has completed the first of the Trials for closing the gates of hell? Or does he have to intend to close them?

Hi there! I’ll start out with a few comments, and then I’ll try to answer this as best I can. First, I am in Downtown Migraineland right now. I apologize in advance for any weird incoherency in this reply…

(note from the future, i.e. nearly 4 hours after I started trying to piece this reply together: My migraine is gone, but this reply went into A LOT OF DETAIL about the parallels not only in this episode, but in all of s12. This ended up being really weird meta on what I think Dabb’s Grand Plan for the entire season is hinging on. IT IS LONG. Just a warning.)

I think a lot of s12 has been paralleling A LOT of the past, turning it inside out, applying it through a different lens or allowing characters to see these things from a different side, and resolving things in a better way.

That said, I think they’ve been referring back to the Demon Tablet Trials and the Angel Fall Spell (because the angel fall spell was a spell, not Trials. Metatron confirmed that). But all the elements of those things are being addressed in different ways, and paralleled to ~similar~ things happening in s12… I’m struggling to try and put this together in a linear narrative that even comes close to connecting all the dots. There’s SO MUCH going on in this episode, I’m not sure that’s really possible, but HECK I WILL TRY.

(second note from the future: this is about 3k long, so it’s going under a cut. THERE IS SO MUCH)

(i am typing this from the floor where I’m curled up around pictures of Andrew Dabb and Davy Perez while weeping gently)

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Figure 1. Jamie Benn scoring from behind his own goal line.

Not pictured: Jamie Benn at the 2015 All-Star Game Skills Competition (because he was not invited).