russelljames These two buddies humble me by believing in me so much that they even allowed me to use their introduction of me as I speak about @lumipearl skincare on TV. I was originally drawn to this amazing skincare system by people who love and help preserve our precious seas. However, when I saw the incredible skin results and started to understand the potential social impact like putting people in struggling communities to work and turning natural ‘bio waste’ into something so magical I knew I was going to be a Lumipearl fan forever. During the ‘before and after’ study I was truly blown away by how skin quality was improved in so many ways. As a photographer I actually saw that incredible ‘glow’ appear in peoples skin that I’m so often looking for in my photographs. I could go on and on, however you can find the show on and see for yourself as the most gorgeous @angieharmon tells you and shows you how it helped her skin and takes you through the entire story. I’m buying it for every friend I know this holiday, especially those headed into the coming winter months when the cold dry air attacks. And thanks again to my special friends @lilyaldridge and @angelcandices for your friendship and support! #LumipearlGlow #ad

Kendall Jenner got a contract for Forever 21, her first ever modelling work, aged 14 because her rich, famous mother asked her rich, famous friends to try and ‘get her into modelling’. She has a forgettable face and a mediocre walk yet she gets to become a VS angel, the sign that you are one of the best supermodels and have made it in the industry, and is replacing one of the most memorable angels since Tyra. Full offense but Kendall got where she is because of her rich family and her mayonnaise looks so she doesn’t deserve the VS contract

#BoycottVS #BringBackJourdan