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Why was Zeke Smith chosen to be the guy from Millennials vs Gen X to go on Game Changers when Jay Starett blindsiding Michaela was the highlight of the season and literally changed the game??!

me about ozzy coming back for the fourth time:
Really? FOUR times?! This boy is so bad at the game that he NEEDS four chances to win. A mess. Production Pet can’t even win…

me about cirie coming back for the fourth time:
QUEEN! She did T H A T! Vanessa Who? The queen made such an impact shes played four times…. a legend, truly… honestly…

Zdrowe vs Niezdrowe (w 100g)

1.Jabłko=52 kcal VS Milka Oreo=560 kcal 
2.Winogrona=66 kcal VS Frytki solone=331 kcal 
3.Jagody=57 kcal VS Cheetos serowe=480 kcal 
4.Arbuz=30 kcal VS Bezy=387 kcal 
5.Banan=89 kcal VS Kit Kat=522 kcal 
6.Truskawki=32 kcal VS Lody czekoladowe=216 kcal 
7.Grejpfrut=42 kcal VS McFlurry oreo=164 kcal 
8.Wiśnie=50 kcal VS Pizza Pepperoni=265 kcal 
9.Kiwi=60 kcal VS Kinder czekolada=566 kcal 
10.Pomarańcza=47 kcal VS Piernik=356 kcal 
1.Pomidor=17 kcal VS Krówki=399 kcal 
2.Ogórek=14 kcal VS Wata Cukrowa=405 kcal 
3.Marchew=41 kcal VS Reese’s =514 kcal 
4.Rzodkiewka=16 kcal VS Smażony bekon=541 kcal 
5.Sałata=14 kcal VS Pączek=417 kcal 
6.Burak=43 kcal VS Słodkie pianki=323 kcal 
7.Groszek=75 kcal VS Rodzynki w czekoladzie=430 kcal 
8.Szparagi=20 kcal VS Paluszki słone=420 kcal 
9.Brokuł=33 kcal VS M&M’s=478 kcal 
10.Papryka=28 kcal VS Muffinka czekoladowa=352 kcal