IMPORTANT: about the Tumblr "FBI" Virus thing going around

So, I’m not too sure how legit it is or how bad it is but I have searched, in a number of places that I was sure were safe, about how to stay safe. Now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be effected by it on RPing accounts but here is what to do to keep yourself safe (will also work for personal accounts)

  1. Don’t press any unknown links. Even if they are links to text posts. Even if they are from someone you follow. Just don’t link links that will take you away from the page you are on (-NOTE- if it is a link to a video or such, right click the link and pick copy link. Open Word or anything like word and paste it there. If it is a youtube or other well known and safe link, go ahead and put it in the URL bar. If you do not recognize it, best to stay away.)
  2. Look in your following list. anyone that has random letters or numbers as their URL, “block” them. DO NOT CLICK ON THEIR PAGE. Just click ignore under their name on the list.
  3. Turn off ask.
  4. Turn off submit.
  5. If you get anything through fanmail, ignore it. 
  6. Watch the URL when going to new Tumblr pages. If it starts to change, close your whole browser right away before it loads. Wait a while before reopening the browser and do not chose to recover the previous session. 

I will make a post once I know it is safe for you turn your ask box back on. I will be keeping the Main’s ask open just in case anyone has any questions or concerns but please be sure that your ask is closed as well as your submit box.


Happy RPing all :)

-Admin Stella