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Terezi Dragon

Terezi/Editing: alexissam

Vriska: griffinswings

Art: jin-nyeh

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Ship: VriskaxTerezi Song: If I Burn by Emilie Autumn

“But I don’t care,”

The Thief and the Seer stood on the rooftop, locked in silent duel. How much could Terezi let Vriska get away with? She had killed, she had tortured, she had made Terezi blind. But, they were still scourge sisters. Terezi couldn’t relieve it from her mind: they were still best friends.

“Maybe I’m afraid, but I still swear,”

Vriska would never back out of a challenge, no matter who with. She could control her luck; manipulate the outcome, so what did she have to worry about? Terezi wouldn’t kill her, there was no way. A deal was made. If the coin landed broken, Vriska would leave. If it wasn’t, then she would stay. Not entirely sure what it meant, of course she was a little worried.

“You could take my life with conscience clear,”

Broken side up. Just like the Thief had planned, no surprise to the Seer. How long have they known each other- since they were only one or two sweeps perhaps- that Terezi could see all that Vriska could plan. Hell, Terezi probably knew Vriska better than anybody. Sweeps of being together, through good and bad, could it really come down to this? Vriska smirked, a classic trademark of hers, and turned to go. A decision had to be made quickly.

“But you should still hear that if I burn, you will see,”

Letting her go would mean Terezi’s own death, along with Karkat’s and probably more of her friends. She would lead Jack Noir to the meteor; she would wipe out the entire rest of the troll population. Could Terezi let Vriska live- no matter how much she cared for her- even if it meant destroying what was left of the troll race? She couldn’t, no matter how much she cared. She had to kill her.

“The fire in your mind when you sleep,”

Nightmares. Every night. That’s the price of being a seer- or perhaps it was simply a consequence of killing the one you love. Maybe they could have had a future, maybe they could have been matesprits even. That was all gone now. Every night, Terezi was forced to see visions of her blade piercing through Vriska’s chest. Every night she had to watch Vriska die. 

“And if I rise up in smoke around your eyes, you’ll know it’s me,”

When the dream bubbles were finally set up, it was even worse. Every now and then Terezi, sleeping, would see Vriska’s ghost walking around. She didn’t seem angry, or even upset. Usually she’d be travelling with Tavros, or sometimes John, but always happy with somebody else. Terezi could just walk away at those times, knowing Vriska was happy. Sometimes, however, they’d lock eyes. Even if for a second, shame and pain would enter the both of them, and they couldn’t even speak to one another anymore.

“And the rain won’t wash away the ashes underneath your nails today,”

Vriska was trapped in dream bubbles now. No more God Tier, no more Alternia. She wandered the lands with Tavros- not a good substitution for anything. What she really wanted could never return to her. She wanted Terezi back, but could not possibly ever approach her.

“Doesn’t matter where you go or what you do,”

The Scourge Sisters could never escape each other, but at the same time they could not ever be together. They were trapped in mental stalemate, locked in guilt of what both of them had done.

“‘Cause if I burn, so will you”

(sorry if it sucks i don’t really ship this but i hope it came out alright)