Sometimes I go back and think about how I met my friends….

Like exactly how we became friends

For instance, my moirail kafe and I started talking because of hetalia and pandora hearts… the first thing I said to her was “nice russia pin!”

Or Jules… she became my friend when she tackled me while I was cosplaying the Greed-Ler.

Val and I met at one of the very first meets actually… my friend Lee and I helped her get back to the trains. That day I thought she was much younger than she is

My con mama Alexis and I met at Anime Boston. I knew her boyfriend matt better at the time and I didn’t put two and two together until promstuck when I saw her next X3

My favorite story is calvin though because I was terrified to talk to him for a while. And every time I would try it would come out like the jellyspotters episode of spongebob… just “hiiii caallllvvviiin” and then I would like run away. We really started becoming real friends at youth pride and the zombie march. And then at the last meet I gave him a friendship eridan, we rapped at Richie (sorry Richie) and we bro hugged… and now we are friends…. it makes me really happy because I think he’s super awesome…. (did I really just write that?)

Anyway I really love you guys… whether you’re like Kafe and I’ve known you for months and I see you every day… or if you’re like Calvin who I was just recently able to call a friend. I really love you guys… and I hope I can stay friends with you for a long time in the future.

<3 Nate