vriska trickster

Aradia rides out Vriska’s fuckery so well. one of Vriska’s main manipulation tactics is to make her victim feel like the two of them are a team, just them against the world. she did this to Terezi, Tavros, John, and to a lesser extent Equius and Kanaya. But Aradia just shuts that shit down immediately. 

I… I… I… what are words? How can I describe something so beautiful, so amazing, so unbelievably perfect in a couple of words besides just screaming incoherently and sobbing (I’ve been fanning my face for a good couple of minutes trying not to cry, like sheesh)? This is all I’ve wanted ever since we got a Game Over- to see the kids we’ve been following for years again. The kids who went through a very different experience from those in the Alpha timeline. The kids I loved with all of my heart; I still love the Alpha timeline kids, I do, but these are the kids we’ve known the longest, who we’ve watched grow and change into the people they were as they died. I needed to see them again, even if the next time I saw them was for the last time. And this upd8 gave it to me (though Karkat, Kanaya, Gamzee, and Dirk didn’t come back as they were practically vaporized/glitched out of existence ):), along with dead awake/dreamselves (THAT’S JUST TRAGIC, THINKING THEY WOULD COME BACK TO LIFE AND MERGE WITH THEIR OTHER SELF BUT THEY JUST DIE D:), (Vriska) and GO!TZ meeting up again happily (though they got vaporized at the very end D:<) and a great inside look into TZ’s mind (as well as her aspect in general… like as a Mind player myself this is just fascinating even though I’m a Mage). She felt like she was missing something, something important, and she was- the memories of GO!TZ. GO!TZ went through magnificent character development, even if it was negative, and TZ felt she went through little to none and depends on Vriska A LOT. Now she has all of these memories- whether they’re just her doomed selves memories or all the memories from all the doomed characters, I don’t know, but now she has the knowledge she needs to grow and move forward, and that’s all I ever want from a character- especially one I relate to, not only in the Alpha timeline but in the GO timeline as well. This was the PERFECT way to start off the Omegapause, and I think Terezi: Remem8er may be my favorite flash so far (BEAUTIFUL ART, BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, CAME OUT EARLY (like 5pm for me when it’s usually 6pm or 7pm), HOLY SHIT YES) until we get endgame flashes. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat my feelings because I’m about to cry from thinking about all of this (ESPECIALLY THE DEAD AWAKE/DREAMSELVES LIKE THAT JUST FUCKS ME UP SO MUCH) and I really don’t want to.