vriska shirt

been trying out new things with my art involving realism and values :y

process gif under the cut!

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gay/lesbian solidarity is dirkjohn vrisrezi double dates where dirk and terezi are dressed like glow in the dark raver traffic hazard lights and john and vriska are wearing t-shirts that say shit like “i choose to be a gamer because nothing epic ever happens in real life”


I’m selling some cosplays!

Mindfang- includes journal box, dress, hat and horns $30
Aranea- includes glasses dress and shoes $20
Lapis- includes top and skirt (these fit really snug and run really small) $20
Electica Jade- includes dress, turtle neck top and leggings- $25
God tier Vriska- includes pants, shirt, hood, glasses and wings $35
Annie- includes 3dmg, hoodie, pants and jacket $30
Aradiabot- includes dress, horns and gloves $25

There will be a $5 flat fee for shipping inside the u.s.
Outside of the u.s. we’ll work out a price based on how much shipping ends up being.

If you’re not interested or can’t buy a cosplay please share this post! I’m in a really tight financial situation and could use some dough

shout out to that time in high school i made a shirt w/ vriska on it for no reason other than i had a blue shirt and was taking a silk screening class